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Oregon Scientific ATC2K (ATC-2000) Helmet Camera

ATC-2000Warmer, warmer, warm enough? Version 2 for the ATC series. It's good to see that Oregon Scientific came right back with a new and improved ATC model, the ATC-2000. It seems they listened to ATC-1000 users and tried their best to get it right in round 2. So did they?
For starters, the ATC2K helmet cam is now capturing at 30 fps! This is huge. Resolution is still 640x480 (a 720x480 option would be nice.) Water-resistant to 10 feet. USB 2.0. Slight battery change (for the better). Overall an excellent 2.0 release!
The price is retail for $119.99, but can be found @ HCC for $79.95. This is a great price point. Read on for more!

Let's talk about video and compression quality for the ATC2K. What I know is from the manual and various bits on the web. The Manual also states that the output files are AVI, but no reference to the codec. Looking at the output files it appears the codec is Motion JPEG (not to be confused with MPEG) with a video bitrate of 4954 kbps (assuming best quality). Oh yeah, it captures mono audio as well at 8Khz @ 64 kbps. Not sure how it will handle wind noise, but they probably have that figured out. M-JPEG is create for capturing motion as each frame is compressed individually and stored. I'm assuming that by jumping to 30fps they found a new compression chipset with some more juice.

Monday, Nov 6th: Here is a link to a video on YouTube from a ATC2K attached to the back of a motorcycle. First, it's compressed for the web - so not a good litmus test of quality. There is an interesting wobble in the video though from the vibration. Trying to get my hands on the original footage.
Friday, Nov 17th: Here is a link to some raw footage.
Usability. The ATC-2000 has only 3 buttons, and a small LCD. The buttons include: Power On/Off, Menu, and Start/Stop Record. The Power and Menu buttons are smaller, but have unique tactile shapes that should be esay to identify with your finger tips. The Record is in the center and larger. The buttons also have audio feedback such as 1 beep, 2 beeps, etc. I'm very interested to see what it's like pushing the buttons with gloves/mittens on. It would suck if you had to take gloves on/off to use it. The LCD is pretty straightforward. Read the manual. The ATC2K comes with a couple of mounting options - both of which look pretty sturdy. The helmet mount is a strap based setup that puts the camera on the side of the helmet. HCC.com still believes that a top mounted camera provides better chase cam footage, with the downside of it looking a bit goofy. The bike mount looks legit.

The specs state it's waterproof to 10 feet, but the manual states on page 3: "This ATC-2K camera is water resistant, but it cannot be used underwater. Oregon
Scientific will not assume any responsibility for malfunction of the camera caused by
water getting inside as a result of misuse by the user." That's fine - basically a waiver of liablility. On the next page, the manual discusses ways to increase the water resistance by applying silicon grease and an extra o-ring (both included) to the housing. Way to go Oregon Scientific! It's good see a company suggesting common sense solutions to product issues! Just because they can't engineer a perfect solution does not mean that there are not simple solutions to issues.

The ATC2K now uses 2 double AA's, instead of 3 AAA's. As for the batteries still being exposed to the elements, such as cold weather? The ATC-2000 helmet camera product page notes at the bottom: "Note: for optimal performance in colder conditions (at or below 0 degrees Celsius/32 degrees Fahrenheit) Lithium batteries are recommended." The manual on page 4 discusses ways to remedy the cold weather issue! Sweet. There is now "Cold Weather Pouch" and "Heat Pad" accessories seperately available. Excellent. HelmetCamCentral has been using hand warmer pads and fleece for years to keep batteries warm - it works. This should effectively address the issue - as long as it's not too cold out. I'm so stoked to see they are actually doing something about this issue. Helmet Cam shops all over the place have not even figured this out! If you plan on skiing with this in cold weather, I would bring along extra charged Lithium batteries (and keep them warm).

Other improvements: USB 2.0 support, MAC support, RCA connection support.

Pros: Small, inexpensive, solid-state / crash proof, removeable media, 30 fps, product manual addresses helmet cam issues, NO WIRES!, good design, USB 2.0 support.

Cons: No word on overall video/compression quality (This con will stay or go when I get the low-down), CMOS censor instead of CCD (This con could go too when I see the actual output), Power source exposed to the elements (Trade off for no wires.), Non-standard frame size (640x480).

HelmetCamCentral.com Recommendation: From a videographer perspective, we recommend a "Wait and see". Though for the price, you could pick one up and try it out yourself. For a general sports enthusiast I'm sure the video quality is good enough for many applications - especially if your primary distribution channel is a YouTube or Google Video. I've had a good look at several raw clips from the ATC 2000, and all of them have a strange grainy effect coupled with a wave like ripppling effect when shaking/motion occurs. Have not heard on why this is the case. Lastly. Let us give thanks. To Oregon Scientific. For listening. For this verison 2. For 30 fps. And let us pray - for the coming of the ATC-3000!

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234 Responses to “Oregon Scientific ATC2K (ATC-2000) Helmet Camera”

  1. MikeM Says:

    Firstly, huge thanks to Oregon Scientific for putting the effort into the ATC2K. To replace a wired lipstick camera, microphone, 12V battery pack, A/V cord, remote control, and most importantly a camcorder, with this slightly oversized lipstick camera is a huge accomplishment.

    I was so confident this unit was going to replace my current setup, which I use for work, I ordered eight. Today I spent a few hours testing one of the units.

    I got lucky and one of the SD cards I had was the SanDisk Ultra II you mentioned as recommended by OS.

    Everything mentioned in the review, based on the owners manual is accurate. For instance, there are a couple of mounting options included with the camera that are solid. Not quite up to my extreme needs but a good effort.

    The unit is super easy to opearate. It comes from the factory set to the highest resolution setting so you can start experimenting right away. I think it could be operated with gloves pretty easily. Especially because one of the smaller buttons is used to turn it on, where it will stay for 10 min, and then a much larger button is used to start recording.

    I would love it if future versions had some way to control it with either a wired/detachable or wireless remote. That way you could get it recording and be sure it was doing what is was supposed to.

    So far, I have been unhappy with the video quality. I would like to do some more testing. Maybe use the batteries they recommend in the manual. But I did use brand new batteries:

    Take home message: The video seems to me to be quite grainy. If I watch in a 1inch X 1inch window, things look pretty good. But connecting the unit to the TV or running it in a reasonable size window on the computer, the image is quite grainy.

    Because the unit is so small and self contained, I’m sure a lot of people will get footage with it that they would NOT get with a normal camera setup. I’m just not sure people will love watching this video except in small windows on the computer.

    Hate to be negative, but I hoped we had come to the end of my mass of wires that I call my camera system, so I am a little disappointed.

  2. Dr B Says:

    So with a 2GB SD card on the highest resolution how much footage could you expect off this device? Any more word on the image quality?

  3. chadical Says:

    2GB SD @ 640×480 @ 30FPS = 60 Minutes.
    4GB SD @ 640×480 @ 30FPS = 120 Minutes (Be careful these cards may get stuck in the unit.)

  4. Joey V Says:

    is this camara worth buying? does anyone have any good quality clips to view the performance

  5. Benji Says:

    I just bought mine off Amazon…it’s $119 there, but other places that were cheaper said they wouldn’t ship ’till mid December. I live in the times of instantaneous gratification, so I want it asap…well so long as they don’t stab me with another $20 for shipping. Anyway, when I get it I’ll take it for a car ride, bike ride, and jog and I’ll put up torrents to the videos as soon as I can. Come spring I’ll make it as waterproof as possible and setup videos of jetskiing so you can see the quality from a hard mount as well as head mounted in water. Hopefully my videos will be a bit more telling than the little clip OS provides on their page.

  6. Ponu Says:

    Make the cameramounting stable enough, aka use cameras mounting system + some duct-tape on both ends of camera to avoid the “wobble-effect” as seen in those clips in youtube.com:-))
    That plastic ring in midlle of camerabody isn´t stable enough to keep the camera “unshakable”

    And, please post link here asap;-)
    ..and uncompressed version please!..

  7. ghostbiker Says:

    Realy interested in this. i want a small cam with onboard mem for a little stunt/mx work. the clip they show on there site is good enough for my needs. is it a good indication?

  8. Benji Says:

    I don’t think duct taping the camera is going to eliminate the wobble effect. If you look at other videos online (tough to find, but they’re out there), the effect seems to be a problem with pulling the image from the sensor. It looks like it’s pulling the frame from the bottom up and the refresh on the video encoding is faster than the refresh of the sensor. I don’t know for sure, it’s just speculation, but I should have my camera here on Wed or Thurs (shipped this morning via standard UPS). Also, I was wondering if anyone knows if a lens can be added to the camera or if the default lens could be changed out. Ideally I’d like to have a .5x magnification or smaller for that nice fisheye effect. Either way, I’ll let y’all know when I get it. And I’ll post the videos direct from the camera itself.

  9. Benji Says:

    Here’s a video of a model rocket with an ATC-2000 strapped on it. It’s not too easy to tell from the video, but the wobble is there. If this is an indication of the kind of video you can get from it, I’m very excited. Please note that since it is on Google video it’s compressed, but you get the idea. Got the tracking number for my camera and it’s supposed to be here Friday. I’m going out of town late Friday, so you’re probably going to have to wait ’till at least Monday to see any unprocessed video from me.

  10. Dana Says:

    I got one for $99 from mountaingear.com. Before that I had the ATC-1000 which was so bad I sent it back (may have been defective). You get what you pay for, and for $99 you don’t get that much, but I think it’s worth the $99. Not the best video quality, but the chief complaint is the varying light intensity… if the sky is bright the ground may get very dark. Still worth the price IMO; I don’t have $400 or more to spend on something better, and I expect to continue playing with it recording my paramotor flights. I put this video shot with the ATC-2000 on Youtube; compare it with this video shot with the ATC-1000 (note that Youtube reduces videos to 320×240 from the original 640×480). For both I used a Ridata 66x 1GB card which I bought for the 1000; I need to get a 2GB card now.

  11. Murnango Says:

    Just got mine this afternon in Dublin, Ireland. I am going to use it for skiing, i have fitted to my helmet but it still wobbbles. I am only trying it out in the sitting room and it comes out abit grainey, i wonder if i should reduce down to 15 fps and 320 by 240 pix eventhough i will be mostly using it outside

  12. TokyoRed Says:

    I got mine in last week from http://www.stuntcams.com, at a great price ($125), and I can say first hand that this camera’s quality is much better than the ATC-1000. It’s not good enough to for DVD footage, like their 520 REs camera is, however if you just want something easy for any age, this is the camera to get!

  13. Benji Says:

    Dana, Murnango, TokyoRed, can you post some video straight from the camera here. I’d like to know if the wobble is present at all settings and how prevelant it is.

  14. Dana Says:

    Benji, I’d like to, but all the vids here are hosted on youtube or whatever… and they all reduce / compress it. I will see what I can do though.

  15. Dana Says:

    OK, the full resolution (640×480) version is here. It’s not raw footage but the same size and frame rate, etc., unlike the youtube version. I’m still working on uploading a raw clip.

  16. Dana Says:

    OK… here are two:
    Same as the above youtube film, but in the same resolution as the camera.
    Raw footage straight from camera (the first bit of the above film).

    Hope this helps…


  17. MikeM Says:


    Thanks for posting that video. I have tested one of mine a bit and the video I get is very similar to yours. That is, good, a bit pixelated, but good. Not great. An excellent effort for a very simple to operate camera.

  18. Drew Says:

    Ok, I’ve looked everywhere and can’t find the answer. Is this thing video only or does it record sound too?


  19. JrK Says:

    Nice one for putting up the raw footage. Some of the other vids had sound but there wasn’t any audio channels in the raw file, so I’m guessing it was left out to save file size?

    (For reference the compression is Motion JPEG, 4945 Kbps.)

  20. JrK Says:

    Yeah that’s what I meant to say: If anyone has any mountain biking footage could you put it up (preferably raw)please.
    That would be great, cheers.

  21. Ponu Says:

    Dana`s RAW footage looked great, not enough fast movement thou, and sample was lil`bit too short..
    If Someone could post unedited RAW-clip of onboard or in-car, including fast movement, and length of 30+secs..

  22. Dana Says:

    The camera has a microphone and there is sound in the raw clip I posted (I didn’t do anything to it), but the sound in that particular clip isn’t that loud.

    All the longer clips I have are much longer, i.e. much larger file size.

  23. Jorrit Says:

    Well, I also purchased the ATV-2000 / AT18 at MountainGear.com. Expected delivery date is 15-12-06, almost a month from today. I hope that they’re able to deliver early so I can test the device before taking it with me while skiing.

    I haven’t seen any footage in the snow yet. Has anyone came by such movie on the internet perhaps? Dana’s full resolution RAW version looked good already, but how will the camera stand out in snowy conditions?

  24. Benji Says:

    Dana, thanks for the clip. I should be posting some today. UPS messed up my delivery and when they sent it out to be delivered on Friday…they sent it to a city 4 hours away instead…hopefully they get it right today. For those who are interested the audio for that clip was the following:
    8000Hz mono @ 64Kbps compressed using TAG 0007 (which apparently I don’t have an identifying codec for, but it seems to decode just fine on my computer using ACM wrapper and it identifies as muLaw compression in wav format, so it should decode with just the default Windows codecs).
    I’ll see if I can post something with a little more likelihood of showing the wobble effect. Thanks again for the clip!

  25. chadical Says:

    Repost for Benji:

    I finally got my camera, it’s late, so I can’t do any good daytime tests, but I did find out how to highlight the ‘wobble’ effect and have put some tests up . The torrent contains 6 videos from all the resolutions/framerates from the camera. The videos are all pretty similar: me spinning in my chair, nodding, then shaking my head. The room has pretty average lighting, and the ‘wobble’ can be easily seen in the vertical movement and is impossible to miss in the lateral movement.

    !!! The Torrent can be downloaded from here.
    !!! FYI: This links to ThePirateBay. Unsafe workplace images & popups WILL be seen.
    I played with the camera a bit during the day and I can tell you a few things:
    1. In bright daylight, the wobble and grain are not a big issue. The quality is about the same as a digital picture camera. I own a Sony DSC-P150 and the videos from my still camera are a little better than the helmet camera IN DAYLIGHT. When the lights go down…well, just check out the videos and you be the judge.
    2. The audio is next to nothing. I had it strapped in my car for the ride home from work today and had the radio BLARING and could barely hear it on the video. I would have put that in the torrent, but I don’t want y’all knowin’ where I live…and it was 140Mb.

    Please, if you download the file, seed it. There won’t be a lot of people downloading this I’d imagine, so be kind to others that want to see the crappy test videos.

  26. Benji Says:

    Ugh, after testing this for a while I can say without a doubt that it was a poor purchase. This needs a wide angle lens so bad it makes me physically ill. The wobble effect is far more apparent than I noticed yesterday. This is basically an unusable camera. If you take it to any of the sports advertised on the box and record for two hours, you might (MIGHT!) go home with 2-3 minutes of usable footage…for youtube. If you’d like to test out if you like the video quality, head on over to your local Fry’s and pick up a web cam (there’s almost always a promotion for one) or buy one that’s under $10. Now plug it into your laptop and record stuff while you walk around with the webcam. Now convert the video to an audio stream and broadcast it using an iTrip from about 50 yards to another computer that will convert the audio signal back to video…now watch it with your eyes squinted on a 17in monitor from a good 10 feet or so and you’ll have a good general idea of the quality of video this outputs…
    For a little more than $100, go buy a smaller camera (like this one) that takes far better video, weighs less, and isn’t prone to crashing. I’ve had the camera itself lock up 4 times now while filming. I’ve probably only taken about 20 videos, which puts my failure rate in the neighborhood of 20%. I just wish the company I’d bought from had a return policy. Wait for the ATC-3000 and pray that they fix the sensor.

  27. James Irwin Says:

    Chadical thanks for the footage,

    Would it be possible for you to upload somewhere as it would be a lot quicker for everyone to download. Torrents are meant for larger file sizes , and only work if lots of people download them.

    Cheer, James

  28. Jumbo Says:

    Have had the camera one day now, i filmed for 30min riding my bike at work. This is what i got:
    (compressed from 27mb to 11mb)

    I mounted it under the bars with the included mount only. A lot of wobbeling, but i guess if you mounted it properly on a helmet, this would eliminate some of the wobbeling.

  29. f2f Says:

    we’ve been running the atc-2000 for a couple of weeks now trying to get the quality and stability right. as others said, the stability can be greatly improved by just duct-taping the stand to a helmet. the image quality is not spectacular but is worth it for the money. all sports we’ve tried excluding skiing (karting, mountain biking, atv) have been too violent for that cam and have left us with only a few clips usable for the general population. the scan lines are horrible at high speed.

    tip: several editing programs contain image stabilization software that can reduce the jitter in your movies. i’m not a professional, so i stick with whatever’s available for iMovie: Slick Stabilizer and fxStabilizer plugins. they do a reasonable job.

    the battery life seems to be long to very-long. two titanium energizers recorder close to four hours of movies and are still going.

    test videos:


  30. f2f Says:

    please change the second link in the above post to: http://9grid.net/andrey/movies/biking-20061124.mov

  31. Mark Spohr Says:

    I just bought one of these and a few notes. Mostly it works great but the sound is funky… muddled and low quality… sounds like mostly “bone” conduction.
    Just a few words about the helmet picture. The strap that comes with is is way too short to fit around any helmet… it’s not even long enough to fit on my bare head (medium side head) without unreasonable pressure. The photo also looks like there’s a backlight on the display but no backlight on the product.
    They do include a selection of straps and brackets but none of them seem to be very useful for holding the camera in position. Either too short or they need to be too tight for comfort. Needs work in this area. The bicycle handlebar clamp works but there’s too much vibration in this location so can’t use it.
    Underwater works very well. YouTube here

  32. Catas Says:

    Yes, Mark is right about straps.

    Anyone knows how to attach the camera on the top of a MX helmet?

    I’d screw it to helmet peak but on films we only see the floor…

  33. Ryan Lancour Says:

    The best way to mount the camera is by placing a soft pad(opposing strips of velcro on the helmet and the bottom of the camera work well) in the correct forward and backward mounting area on the top of the helmet and then riveting strips of velcro around the pads. You’ll need at least two on each side and the velcro should overlap. Chad and I have used this method for years and it works. What’s nice about it is that you can easily pull the camera and switch the mounting. Of course, if you don’t want to go this route, there’s always duct tape.

  34. Matt Says:

    I recently purchased this cam and after some “testing” at home I knew that the mounting system that came with this camera would not work at all. I thought long and hard about using duct tape and was somewhat discouraged by the site of that. I then cam up with the idea to use small zip ties. There are a number of small vents in the top my helmet which have allowed me to create small holes to run the zip ties through. I thought I would be able to feel the zip ties on the inside of the helmet but I can’t – so that’s good. This really seems quite secure (no wobble). I haven’t been able to test it out at the mountain yet, but I imagine it should work fairly well.

  35. Benji Says:

    For attachment to bike frames, I’ve found that electrical conduit fasteners to work well. One conduit is attached to my frame and the other is around the camera. Provides a rock solid mount without the duct tape…the background still wobbles when there’s a lot going on.

  36. Al Says:

    Im a bit pissed and confused after seeing a post on engadget.com from Gabrielle who claims to be from OS. http://www.engadget.com/2006/10/24/oregon-scientific-busts-out-head-mountable-atc-2000-webcam/2

    Gabrielle, i sent you an email and i have Called Oregon Scientific and no one seems to know how you were able to get this unit working with a 4gig SD card…

    How is the 4gig SD card bigger? i was under the impression along with everyone else i spoke to that the size is standard, so i went to Fry’s and purchased a 4gb SD @ 150x and went to the store in Santa Monica Ca to test it out and the guys there tried 2 different Units and none of them took the card and read Err.

  37. Mick Says:

    I received my helmet cam (ATC-2K) last week and I’ve been experimenting with motorcycle video. The sound recording is TERRIBLE. There should be a standard mic input jack to eliminate all the physical contact noise. (OREGON SCIENTIFIC, ARE YOU LISTENING?) The audio is muffled and wind noise is horrible. I taped a small wind sock over the mic pickup but that did NOT help.
    I have contacted both Gabrielle gelmer@oscientific.com (suposedly from OS) and also sent an E-Mail to the OS Support (yeh, right) staff and have had no reply from either of them.
    The helmet mounting strap is way too short to mount to any real helmet. It needs to be at least 50% longer to be of any use.
    The round handlebar or frame mount is nice and solid but it transfers so much engine mechanical noise that the recording is worthless. There needs to be a way to isolate the mic from the camera body (see above).
    Is this camera REALLY USB 2.0 capable? I have found that a 700Meg transfer is taking over 16 minutes, even when attached to a 2.0 USB port. Pretty slow for 2.0.
    If this camera is truly Firmware Upgradeable as was mentioned in the review, PLEASE work out the bugs and send us an update for the sound recording problems.
    The video is pretty good but all the other problems (Too short straps, mic noise picked up from physical contact, muffled voices) detract from the overall quality of this camera.

  38. Matt Says:

    I bought this from Hammacher Schlemmer for $130 back in August to use at the track for motorcycling.

    First, the camera ergonomics just don’t work well, making the camera virtually useless. Software interface is horrible, buttons are tiny and cannot be used with gloves on (bike or skiing or snowboarding etc…). Second, it doesn’t work well with the SD card interface…my camera just decided it didn’t like SD cards at all (even the San Disk Ultra II–I own several types of SD cards–in my case it hated them all and they almost all got stuck in the camera).

    The strap/camera holder combination doesn’t keep the camera steady even when strapped down well making the video jiggle horribly. Video is better than the first generation–I knew that going into the deal–but this camera is actually larger in diameter and even feels heavier–basically it’s bulkier and harder to mount.

    I sent it back out of sheer frustration having only gotten a few seconds of useful clips…the rest (when the camera decided to work with the SD cards intermittently) was useless.

    Very disappointed…wanted something self contained that was also water resistant. Other bad point is there’s no way to see what you’re shooting (no lens or mini lcd — even B&W would be good) so you can’t tell how you’re framing the shot until it’s over…

  39. Al Says:

    Mick – I wasnt able to get a reply back from their tech support and when i call they are completely clueless and seems as if they are reading the same line b/c they all said they dont recommend a 4gig card but should work and may get stuck b/c its thicker!!! i think the tech support is reading these forums like us… and also stated NO firmware Upgrade at all for the atc2k

    Matt im going to be using it for the same exact reason on my racebike and there is no way im going to be happy with footage from this thing at all.. i have been searching for an alternative for about a month now and i have found a few others but they are all 2gig and not 4gig compatible… the Panasonic SDR which is probably the best cam for what we all need runs about $700 and supports 4gig but for what im doing its too expensive if i crash i wouldnt want to worry about the cam… another brand i found which people were happy with was Aiptek however not a 4gig supportable cam and somewhat mixed review for still frames but video seems to be decent…

  40. Mick Says:

    Al- Thanks!

    I’m pretty much convinced that Oregon Scientific is more interested in SALES than support. :(

  41. Dana Says:

    I attached the camera mounting “shoe” to my helmet with zip ties (6) through the mounting holes. The styrofoam liner in my helmet has come loose so I was able to run the zip ties between the liner and the shell.

    Re connecting it to the computer, yeah, it’s real slow. USB card readers are REAL cheap now though, so I got one of those and I just pull the card and use the card reader to get the video into the computer.

    I have learned to keep my hand away from the mike when holding it in my hand.

    Another flying video from the camera (not raw, compressed via youtube) here. Gonna try some other attachments when I get the chance.


  42. Dana Says:

    Oh yeah, P.S. I should have mentioned that some of the ground based clips in the above video were taken with a Sony DSC-W1 digicam, not the ATC-2000.

  43. Al Says:

    I can tell you one thing, im not buying this unit thats for sure. if the 3000 is better and their support/tech dept are not sales people then they may get my business

  44. Manuel Says:

    from the official site:

    NOTE: Although the manual and packaging states the product is only water-resistant, subsequent tests have since certified the product as waterproof. Please do not be alarmed by this discrepancy when receiving your product. Thank you.

  45. Jumbo Says:

    I have tried some different mounts on my bike.

  46. Rodger. Says:

    Hi All,

    I’ve been looking at the ATC-2000 and reading your comments, on a scale of 0-10 how good are thease unit’s ?? I’m wanting a wireless camera for kite buggying, kite surfing and also wakeboarding, would this one do the job or are there better models for a similar price ??

    The only price I’ve found so far is £164.00, is this an average price ??

    Thanks for your help,


  47. Murnango Says:

    Here is a mix of ATC-2000 and reg shots on snow



  48. Chris Says:

    Hey All,
    Rodger, I found somewhere that was £159, thats expensive!!!! So £164.. ?!?!?

    Most places in the US will sell it at about $129.99 which from xe.net is £66.09

    See for yourself as far as effective cameras… so far I’ve seen none at good at this! I think OS may be increasing there price considering they are sold out almost everywhere. :-)



  49. Al Says:

    dont bother its crap.. try something else like this with image stabilization,, found it at best buy and its on sale too for $99


  50. Matt Says:


    I figure you get what you pay for – and the alternative in this case is viosport. I paid 129.99 for mine and so far have been somewhat pleased. It’s by no means perfect – the sound is horrid, the included mounting hardware is a joke and the video quality is “ok.”

    Overall I think this is a pretty decent ENTRY level cam though. I don’t play nice when I go boarding and when I bail, I bail pretty hard – and so the thought of destroying $500.00+ setup just didn’t sit right with me.

    I think it’s an ok buy and am happy that I bought it. You just have to be willing to accept the pitfalls and know that if you want great quality you’re going to have to fork over a little more then 129.99.

    So, I would say

    Overall: 6

    Good Luck

  51. stella Says:

    i got the helmet cam when i put it on my lap top it shows its an avi file and i cant figure out how to burn a disk can anyone help.

  52. JrK Says:

    If your trying to burn a DVD to play on a TV, you need to convert it into MPEG2 format, or use a specific program for creating video DVDs (as opposed to data DVDs that won’t play on a TV.

    This this program can convert and burn video file, there’s a demo here:
    Roxio Easy Media Creator 7.5.4

    Hope that’s helpful.

  53. JrK Says:

    Ok my link doesn’t work so just copy this address:

  54. stella Says:

    thank you very much

  55. Josh Says:

    I’m having trouble getting my unit to recognise the SD card I bought for it. Its the reccomended Sandisk Ultra II SD card but I just get an error message on the LCD. I’ve also noticed that although the card seems to click in when inserted it can be PULLED out very easily… it doesnt need to be ejected.

    I’ll try another card in the unit in the next few days but the card I have works fine with other cameras.

    Anyone have any ideas or suggestions?

  56. Josh Says:

    I’ve just tested the camera again and I need to push the card in really firmly and hold it before its recognised. But without manually holding the card in the slot (very hard) it doesnt work. I bought it in the US and I’m in Australia so unfortunately returning it isnt much of an option.

  57. ian Says:

    Couple of points on this camera. I had major problems on a motorbike – all caused by vibration and acceleration. In all cases and with all SD cards under heavy and hard acceleration the camera switched off. Turns out the SD card will come out slightly – the SD card click is not a proper lock.

    I managed to fix this with a small strip of expanding foam – like a motorcycle ear plug – put over the SD card and held with tape.

    Have mounted the camera with a RAM mount – the helmet bracket that comes with the cam can be bolted to a RAM mount diamond base.

    Now it seems to work o.k.

    Sound is terrible. Only issue I have is that certain SD cards don’t seem to work that well – so I am trying a few different brands.

    Bottom line is that the camera is o.k. for the money given that the only alternative for a weatherproof and rugged cam is well in excess £150 ande then you need to add a recorder.

    Still – vibration causes a “wobble” in the picture but only on hard revs.

  58. Brian Says:

    OK guys, i bought this peice a Crap” few days before christmas, what a waste of money,lol.Tried it 2 or 3 times,bought it for taking on the ATV, no go.Sound is unusable,handlebar mount used on my front rack extender was solid as could be but motion wobble made it total waste of time, as did high speeds,don,t know any real good spot for this besides in the trash”(mines back on ebay)On a good point i’ve had a ball playing with my 7 year olds Hotwheels Radar gun,this thing works awsome, wonder if he’ll trade me maybe”"
    Sample from Today- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mIcv81CnLJM

  59. Jorrit Says:

    Well, I also tested the ATC-2K before heading to the mountains for skiing. I used my bicycle for testing and went around the block a couple of times. I used the best footage from testing different modes. 640×480 @ 30FPS, an hour filming with my Sandisk 2gb SD (non Ultra). It’s a WMV compression, and YouTube doesn’t make it any better. Still a nice camera for the buck tough. I mounted the camera onto my helmet by using the rubber band with mounting bracket. This is not very stable, and shifts and wobbles every time you move. So I strapped it firmly into place by using the velcro straps that came by the ATC-2K. I also use a peace of foam between the helmet and camera mount.

    You can view my video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3hUbsHyF0ik (don’t mind the typo at the end).

    My way of mounting, without the velcro straps: http://www.rc-cropduster.com/users/jorrit/images/fok/atc2k_03.jpg

    Too bad that Oregon Scientific doesn’t include the cold temperature sock, that should be used in cold conditions. It’s cheap at only $6, but I don’t have the time to order one anymore. I take off for skiing within 10 days from now. Therefore I’ll be using a bit of foam and some ducktape.

    My conclusion: For shooting some footage while extreme sporting, it’s the one to choose. If you desire high resolution, superb quality, you should get another camera with separate bulletcam I presume. The ATC-2K is easy and fun to use, especially when you’re on a low budget. For myself I made the right choice, the ATC-2K is exactly what I’d expected.

  60. James Says:


    Got the Camera for X-mas, The first thing that I have got to say to anyone buying this is that the quality isn’t the best but if you only want it for “home movies” then it is spot on. The other thing is that the mounts that are provided need some alterations to get the best picture. I spent about 10mins playing around with the straps and Velcro provided and my mount now works well. Please download the below video for an idea of picture quality. *Please note that this video is compressed, only to save space* http://www.monkeyspoon.com/Videos/2006/06-27-12%20Hurst%20clough%20test%20comp.avi
    You will need this codec installed to watch it http://www.3ivx.com/coral/3ivx_d4_451_win.exe
    I would also like to point out that the track shown in the video is very bumpy; you get a better idea at the end of the video when it is used on a smooth road.

    So far I am pleased with the camera; you just need to spend some time getting a good mount set up to get the most out of it.



  61. Ross Says:

    Is there any indication as to why it’s almost twice the price in the UK as it is in the states?
    Contemplating getting this for use while snowboarding. Not looking for nothing expensive that I can break when I fall. Has anyone else used it for this yet?


  62. sprockett Says:

    Ive looked at the raw footage posted,
    Quality is good for what you pay,
    MJpeg is similar quality to Mpeg4 it will never be DVD/Broadcast quality,
    But the cheapest Mpeg2 recorder costs around $500 (chasecam.com)
    so for the average adventurer who wants to be a U-Tuber or just wants to show the wife what a real man he is its perfect.
    Who knows what next year will bring.

  63. Jorrit Says:

    Ross, if you wait another couple of weeks, I’ll be back from skiing with some fresh footage. I’m also quite curious about the quality in the snow. Hopefully it doesn’t give much lens flare caused by reflection of the snow. I don’t have that special insulation sock that should be used in cold conditions, but I found some pipe insulation and it’s quite useful I think. Duck tape all the way!

    Why don’t you order the ATC-2K at Mountaingear.com? With shipping it will cost you about 70 GBP, which is not that expensive in my opinion.

  64. Ross Says:

    Hi Jorrit, thanks for the info. At that price I think I’ll go ahead and order one. It’s hardly going to break the bank!

  65. Matt Says:

    Jorrit and Ross,

    I’ve used my cam in temps as cold as 23-25F without the use of the cold temp sock. I was however using rechargeable batteries and those didn’t last long at all. When I put normal batteries in it it lasted the entire day.

    I would also ditch any mounting system the OS ATC2000 comes with. When I first got mine I noticed how “wobbley” the rubberband strap was just walking around the house. I’ve since removed all mounting hardware from the camera and hard mounted it to my helmet with zip ties and this seems to work really well.

    Anyway – here is some footage of me boarding (The camera is side mounted on the helmet). I personally would like better quality and am once again in the hunt for a good setup. This is still fun and I enjoy watching it after the day is done.



  66. Lawrence Says:

    I got the ATC-2K for Xmas but have a problem with the audio. When I put on the waterproof back, it is like the mike is also covered and almost no sound. I assume that I have a bad unit. As for the Video quality, it is a $100 unit and it is what I expected.

  67. Dick Says:

    He Jorrit, movie looks like Holland? Can you buy it there some where? Ore only on internet?

  68. Jorrit Says:

    Indeed, I live in the Netherlands. Almere to be precisely. I contacted Oregon Scientific NL, and they told me that the ATC-2K isn’t for sale in Holland. Did some research and came by the Oregon Scientific website for the Netherlands of course, but they only import weather stations it appears. Therefore I ordered it at Mountaingear.com, as some other people did above. It took a month to ship since it wasn’t on stock. Nevertheless on time for my vacation.

    Of moet ik het even in het Nederlands schrijven? ;-)

  69. Murnango Says:

    Just back from Austria, min temp circa -6c,fell several times with cam on, no problem with atc-2k, will compile and edit some of the 4, 2mg cards that i used and post over the next few days, no need for a cover in those temps, never stoppped once

  70. Paddy G Says:


    Get back to work

  71. Y.C. Says:

    I’ve been playing with this for a few weeks and I’m just not happy with the mounting solutions. My primary use for the camera was for snowboarding and I haven’t found a solid mounting of the camera with the included tools. The camera itself would wobble no matter what I do. My next option is to drill a hole into my helmet and create a sort of camera tripod screw setup.

    And about the banding issue.. it’s not the best camera for fast action sports. Here’s a video (32mb). You’ll need DivX codec to view it.

  72. JrK Says:

    Lawrence the sound from it is generally bad and not worth bothering with.

  73. Andy Says:

    Hi there, I’ve just received my camera from actioncamera.co.uk. Initially they sent me an Extreme II for xmas from my partner, but due to a fault (not theirs), I had it replaced with the ATC-2000. I’m a keen snowboarder (and accident prone/nutty), so I generally didn’t want to splash out too much cash on a camera I’m liable to thump about in the snow (or trees). The Extreme II was a wireless helmet cam, just with plastic mountings, and cable-ties. It had a lot of cables and required quite a few batteries (9 in total), as well as the fact that you needed a video cam (ok, was going to borrow my dad’s for this purpose and stick it in foam bricks in my back pack). Anyway, actioncameras.co.uk were great with their response times and found them very helpful indeed.

    Ok, so got the cam today. The sound on the camera is logical if you think about it…. It’s not great when the back is sealed on it (a lot of clunking/vibration noise), so, if you want sound, take the back off it – that’s what I’ve found works, and I think I know why. The camera states it’s “Water Resistent/Proof”, so if there was a little hole in the casing for the microphone pickup, it wouldn’t be waterproof/resistent anymore would it??.

    The inbuilt memory (32mb) is a bit low, but that’s ok, I’ve got a handful of SD cards lying around (I’m employed as an IT Technician, old stuff tends to acquire in my house instead of the bin)…. I put my 1gb SanDisk Ultra II SD card in it and it locked on the click ok (some people had reported a problem with this?). At max resolution (640x480x30fps) it reported on the top of the camera I had 30 odd minutes left. Ok, not bad.

    I strapped it to my helmet using the rubber band and mount, a little wobbly, but if you use the sticky pads provided, you can firmly get the mount to stick to your helmet, instead of the weight being put solely on the band. Sat it on the kitchen table and whacked the record button. Did a little motion, slow and fast, then put the helmet on and walked/ran round the house. Checked the footage and it wasn’t as blocky/pixelated as I thought it would be. Sound was a bit bad, but it’s not the sound I’m mainly after. I want footage on a budget, without the need of holding a camera.


    Takes 2 x AA batteries. Strongly recommend using NiMH rechargeables, or use batteries as the manual states for sub 0 temperatures.

    640x480x30fps – previous all in 1 helment cams I’d reviewed were 15fps – yup, that would be a little stuttery. 30fps is fine, your TV in the UK works off 24/25fps – and that’s smooth enough.

    Use an SD card that is recommended!! – The reason why so many people have had problems with SD cards is because they haven’t read the manual or not read enough up on the SD cards. IT Geek phrase springs to mind. ESTO or RTFM. The camera will take an SD card up to 2gb. Want to know why it won’t take larger? or why it gives Err on some cards?. You need to format your SD card first. Here’s the catch, if you format anything larger than 2gb using windows, dos, whatever, it will set the format as FAT32. THIS CAMERA CAN NOT READ FAT32!, ONLY FAT16!. Limitations of FAT16 are that it can only go as high as 2.0x GB (can’t remember the exact number – you get the picture though) – this applies to hard drives, any memory card, flash drives, etc.. Using a 4gb is going to give you a problem if you format as FAT32 or NTFS in windows. If you format a 4gb as FAT16 you’re asking for trouble, or if you do manage, then you’ve just restricted your 4GB card to 2GB. What a waste of money. Solution. Buy 2 x 2gb cards!

    Ok, so I’m off to Soldeu, Andorra on the 21st and I’m taking the cam, warm pad (to keep the camera and batteries warm – electrons slow down when cold – try it!, use your mobile phone on top of a slope and watch how slow it takes to get through a text message), a few SD cards (will buy some more once I’ve found the speed of which the camera writes to the cards), and a few blank DVDs. Hopefully the internet cafe (Slim Jims) have DVD writers and I can copy the contents of the cards to DVD and reuse cards again until I get back to the Uk.

    Taking my mobile phone with me for 3 reasons, 1 incase of calls/texts, 2 to use as mp3 player, and 3 TO USE AS A SOUND RECORDER WITH THE HEADPHONES/MIC CABLE PROVIDED WITH NOKIAS – which will be tucked in to my jacket nice and snug for any running commentries on my **** ups. lol.

    If you’re working on a budget, and don’t want to ruin your dad’s dvd camcorder, then I’d give this camera 8/10. I’m more than happy with it, you get what you pay for remember. hint. If you want to complain about your mobile phone taking rubbish photos, then buy the camera that was meant to take photos and not a phone.

    Good work Oregon Scientific!!.

  74. Andy Says:

    Just ripped an AVI file from the camera and threw in to a hex editor.

    Codecs used are as followed for 640x480x30fps (haven’t tested other resolutions yet).

    Type: AVI
    Video: Motion JPEG including Huffman Tables, 4516 kb/s, 30fps.
    Audio: mulaw (0×0007) Microsoft Corporation (AC3 Filter) @ 8kHz, 64kbps monophonic.

    Header also revealed the following info, although not sure if this is appertaining to the manufacturer of the device, chipset, codec support??

    Zoran microelectronics corporation LTD

    Hope this info is useful.

    Will have more info on quality of video when my new cards arrive (hopefully next wed). – above was using a 1gb SanDisk UltraII 66x.

  75. Andy Says:

    more info…..

    The chipset that does all the processing is a Zoran COACH HCE (Host Control Embedded), (this explains the COACH folder on the SD card).

    Up to 30fps dependant on the speed of SD card for Real Time JPEG compression.


  76. CactusJackSlade Says:

    If anyone is interested I will be doing a comprehensive side by side comparison of this unit against other units already mentioned in this forum. Check in a few days at: http://www.helmetcamreview.com

    Keep your tips up!


  77. CactusJackSlade Says:

    Tests on this unit complete, see http://www.helmetcamreview.com for side by side comparisons and my opinion (not particulary good).

  78. Paul Says:

    Any idea where the Cold Weather Pouch is on sale. I’m off snowboarding soon and the temp is varying around 0.

  79. Paul Says:

    Could it be improved, of course it could. Is it value for money..yes.

    I’ve noted the Microphone is next to useless with or without the back on the Camera; i.e. you can not hear me speaking when wearing it on my head. I’ve see the water slide clip which appears to have much better sound quality than that I could achieve. I’m not too concerned as I don’t intend to use it as a camcorder.

    The ATC2K image quality isn’t great either, but it’ll do the job its designed to do..ie take clips of me mucking about and not break. The Gadget show test proved it can take some serious damage and Oregon have confirmed it is waterproof.

  80. dukey Says:


    is it really usefull to compare a 100$ cam to a 300$ cam that needs an additional recording device, cables and extra batteries? i dont know.

    nice site though, great work!

  81. CactusJackSlade Says:


    Your point is well taken. The reason I compare everything to the “best at hand” is because I think it shows what can be achived vs. what ever it is I’m testing… I did mention because of it’s design features that it is in “a class by it’self”.

    Actually if they fixed the “jitters” (firmware?) and the card slot problem this would be an OK cam, especially for the price.


  82. Matt Says:

    Well… Even though I know the ATC2k and viosport cams are pretty much in a different class, I’m glad that there was a side-by-side comparison. I already have the ATC2k and think it’s not bad for the price.

    I ordered the viosport cam3 (along with the 2.9mm lens) prior to this side-by-side being done and now can’t wait to get my hands on the viosport (should be here monday).

    My plan is to mount the ATC2k facing backwards and the viosport forward for at least one day on the mountain – see how things turn out.

    Anyway – glad you had the comparison CJS.

  83. Dick Says:

    Hoi Jorrit, het is allemaal duidelijk. ( nederlands is inderdaad ies makkelijker)

  84. Yes_Papa Says:

    Great cam for the price.

    Somebody have some examples of way of mounting ? closer photos if it’s possible.

  85. Bob Says:

    Here goes my warranty! :(

    ATC2K audio: Either it’s waterproof with virtually no audio, or it’s not waterproof and has good audio.

    If you don’t need water protection, remove the microphone cover by removing the two little triangle-headed screws. Underneath it you will find a rubber cover and square o-ring gasket. Carefully remove the sqare rubber cover. (Mine had some lube on it) You will be looking at a small clear plastic piece with 4 holes leading to the mic. The mic is silver, but it’s top (what you see looking through the 4 holes in the case, is covered by a little grey windscreen glued to it’s top.

    1. By just removing the rubber cover (leave the o-ring in there) will give you relatively good audio if the microphone is line up properly with at least one of the 4 clear plastic holes in the case. Mine wasn’t lined up.
    2. If that doesn’t work well enough you may also need to remove the grey windscreen glued to the top of the mic too. Remove the o-ring before drilling. This, and #3 below requires opening the case by removing the two screws under the back cover and sliding the guts out. Be sure to clean any burrs and debris before putting it back together, and don’t forget to clean the inside of the lens too.
    3. Lastly, if the mic is a bit aft of the holes, as mine was, you will likely need to drill a 5th hole in the clear plastic that lines up with the mic hole. Remove the guts, and remove the o-ring gasket before drilling.

    My audio is pretty good from all angles now, and if I want it waterproof all I need to do is remove the mic cover and put the little black rubber seal back in and close it up. Time will tell what the wind will do in this configuration, but I can always put something over or in the mic cover to help with that.

    Video: I’m disapointed in the quality, but it’s good enough for my first helmet cam. I have not mounted it or used it other than walking around the house, but I plan to tie-strap it using the holes in the visor of my off-road(MX) helmet.



  86. Bob Says:

    BTW, I tried putting the rubber cover back in after drilling, and the mic windscreen, but the audio was almost as bad as before I started the mods. I needed all of the things I did, including removing the mic windscreen, to make mine useable.


  87. AmyG Says:

    I want to do some video playboating/white water kayaking/surfing in a kayak. Anybody done anything like that with this camera? Obviously a little less of a problem with vibration, but wondered if there are any problems I haven’t thought of?



  88. tim Says:

    Was wondering if anyone had edited in windows movie maker because this is where I want to edit my footage. do the videos play as windows movie files and can you import and edit (without converting) into windows movie maker.

  89. MattL Says:


    I’ve used Windows Movie Maker for editing footage from this cam. The videos are created in the .avi format. Then simply import the avis into WMM and edit what you wish – it’s quite simple.


  90. Jorrit Says:

    I have used Windows Movie Maker for editing my bicycle testing movie posted above. I’m currently busy editing my new footage from skiing with Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0. It works great and offers a lot of nice features. Premiere provides smooth transitions and effects, and is pleasant to operate after you played with it for a while.

    You need to do some research tough. It’s quite complicated when used for the first time. But when you get the hang of it, you won’t want another simple program.

  91. tim Says:

    Thankyou very much for your replys. Where did you get yours? do you know of any places which will give a good deal and maybe throw in a memory card or something. I am in sydney.

  92. bonkler Says:

    Has anyone’s ATC 2k simply refused to turn on? I encountered this once I put the recommended memory card in and attempted to turn it on… The memory checks out OK as I can use it w/o issue on my Treo and in my home PC, but it apparently destroyed my cam. All I get out of the thing now, without even touching it are flashes of the “Err” msg. flashing on the screen. Nevertheless, the thing is going back under warranty…

  93. carlos Says:

    I’m about to buy a 2GB SD card for the cam. Does it have to be a card with a speed of like 60x or 66x? Would a 133x or 150x be even better?

    I originally bought a 2GB SD card from kingston but the write speed was like 10x so I cancelled the order. But now I don’t know if 60x is sufficient or just get the 133x or 155x versions. TIA.

  94. metronybike Says:

    bonkler did you format the sd card to fat 16?

  95. zI0n Says:

    Hm, it is aprox -4 degrees celcius here in sweden. So i took my quad, and mounted my atc2k in the front-bumper and went about 2½ km and when i arrived at home thinking it was recording my driving, it was acting all wierd and had not record anything.. It was too cold apparently.. Anyone heard about the pouch for it yet? I’ve looked all over the internet but couldn’t find anything..
    I’m thinking of just cutting a glove and use it as a condom for my atc2k.. Or maby use those litium batteries ?
    Any suggestions?
    Regards, Tobias

  96. jwinsley Says:

    I have taken mine surfing one day and kitesurfing another, mounted on top of a Gath Surf helmet, not using the supplied mount. Vibration isnt a problem but aiming it is. So far I have video of the nose of my board or the water in front of my board. I also seem to have some issue where it shuts off while videoing after a while, perhaps the battery voltage gets to low, but this was only half an hour with new batteries. I have a waterproof housing under construction for bigger surf days.

  97. eztees Says:

    in response to #49. aiptek cams are cool and offer more than the ATC2000 but everybody needs to remember that anything better is also bigger or a LOT more spendy. For around $100 – $130 you get a very small and wireless way to remember stuff better than you would otherwise. I followed the link to best buy and these cams are $149.00. Odd the exact model is not listed. Aiptek has a couple or several that are kind of the same so the mod # would be nice. YES they are better but try wearing one on your helmet…not so much. As long as the ‘tube’ type remains the goal it will be awhile before everything can be(if?)fit in at the price. SOME have accepted the balance of price coming with function and that is the head on straight approch to this atc2000. As far as customer sevice…again…price. Even aol send you to some guy in India, named ‘Bob’. welcome to reality. It’s grainy in more ways than one.

  98. eztees Says:

    I actually enjoy the things being posted on youtube with this camera. Checkout the ‘carbon falcon’ vids there. Quite a unique use! Jumpy…etc but still cool. It amazes me that people strap these little cameras to motorcycles and bikes on bumpy trails and then expect major great video or audio. That is asking a lot. I have a video camera(NOT the atc2000)on the dash of my car to cover my ass in case one of the many stupid drivers gets stupid at my expense? Pay for the camera that you need to do the job. High end/cost helmet cams are accompanied by low end whining I am sure, as the low end/cost cams seem to get high end whining! (: It is ALL available…bite the bullet if you can only afford the cheap ‘bullet’ cam. I am glad they exist as an option. I agree to the stupid strap design and things OS could/should have easily avoided complaints on by supplying better. As far as the actual camera ability. Comes with the price and design. I will ad one to my mini arsenal of Vid equip. But I know from what I read and see what to expect from it, and no more.

  99. smoocher Says:

    To hot to handle?

    I’m an airport fire and rescue instructor and got one of these to take into the hot house. I have read all the blurb on minimum temp operating conditions but nothing on max from reviewers.

    The idea is to have it hard mounted (not buy the plastic mounts supplied) to a fire helmet to record footage of overhead flame and compartment firefighting. Now if that does not push the cam to its limits with heat just above head height of 250 degrees C, steam and bright fire to dark room when extinguished I don’t know what will.

    I WAS very disappointed with the cams quality of footage. I don’t expect in this day and age to pay £100 + for a dedicated helmet cam. Those that say, you get what you pay for, my cheaper mobile phone takes better quality footage and is smaller!! … Mm … maybe I should strap that on the helmet instead!

    But… to the project at hand. The cam is wrapped up in a Nomex fire hood, (type we wear over our own heads) its jubilee clipped to a custom metal bracket to the lowest part of the external side of the helmet. (I will get some picture up to show soon) The only thing im worried about is the front lenses and what little rubber is visible melting and/or bubbling due to the radiant heat.

    The reason I chose this cam is unless you want a Tony Hawk 15fps job this type is the market for this type of cam is very limited, strange I think. Again I chose this cam over a wired one as wearing breathing apparatus with mask, straps, compressed air pipes I simply don’t want the bother and/or risk of wire snags and tie ups.

    I will report all my findings with pics and footage though I have a feeling it wont be with the probably melted ATC2K.

  100. mystamac Says:

    I’m a firefighter as well and I used the camera on a white water rescue course that we ran at the Tees Barrage in Cleveland. The footage was okay (camera placement is a bit fiddly) and the cam is definitley waterproof!!

    Here’s a short vid of some mountain biking on our local trails (for the blogger who asked), the quality doesn’t seem very good BUT it was a very dark and gloomy mid-winter morning so I hope this will improve when the sun finally comes out (sunny England…not!).


    If that link doesn’t work, cut and paste this http://www.ferryhill-freeriders.co.uk/videos/videos.htm then click on the “headcase” video. None of the other videos on the site use the ATC 2K so don;t get excited about the quality!

    My own personla view is that the camera isn’t bad, quality is okay for “youtube” and internet videos. You can’t beat a good quality bullet cam and video combo, but for me they are way too fussy to set up. The ATC 2K just comes out of the camelback, gets clipped on and away we go!

    I will say however, that the mounting options you get with the pack are worse than useless (the two velcro strap clips broke the first time I tried to tighten them) and I have had to “invent” a syatem that works for me (using stick on velcro and some bike rack straps). Once set up though, it is very easy to use…

    Just don’t expect too much for your £100

  101. Huey Says:

    When I wrote to the company, I got a reply from Jose P., in their tech site, who said the camera can only be used in XP. I have seen it advertized in working in other programs as well. This confuses me as to what is necessary to download to the computer program best. I currently have Windows ME, and I am wondering it the system will work at all on my program? I believe I had seen it advertized that it does work in ME, but I want to be sure before I plop down any money on it.

    The best price I have found so far was at http://www.mountaingear.com at &99.95, plus shipping. I know it has its pro and con issues, but it sure seems like a good way to shoot some videos for my sidecar rig and not break the budget too badly. I am not so sure I want to use it as a helmet cam, but would like to find a good handlebar mount or system to mount on the rig that does not shimmy and shake as badly as velcro to the windshield. I presently use a small camera (HP425) that is held in place by velcro to the windshield. It is locked into a small, (Totes) plastic cell phone holder. It works ok as a mount, but the HP425 only shoots at 20fps, and won’t compensate to keep the picture still. Not the best choice of camera for video, but my budget is small.

    Any rate, was the tech wrong (hope he is), and will this camera work well on the Windows ME program?


  102. Huey Says:

    I am trying to find out what computer program this camera actually works with. I see it at various sites such as mountaingear.com, and it is listed to work on at least three microsoft programs. However, when I wrote to the company to be sure, the tech replied it is only compatible with Windows XP. Confusting to say the least.

    I have Windows ME, and would like to know if they camera will work properly on this computer program or not? Anyone really know for sure? I’d be interested in getting one, but I want to make sure my old computer will work it properly in downloading and such.


  103. cactusjackslade Says:

    Before you worry about if it will work or not on your computer you should read my newly updated review on this unit at http://www.helmetcamreview.com


  104. lawrence Says:

    I find the atc2k to be good for slower motion stuff like skiing with little kids or standing at the side and catching the others guys skiing down. When I ski, the jitter thing can be annoying. But it’s no worse than my dad’s old videos (real movies not video tape). No wires or anything is great.

    The helmetcamerareview is neat but they are missing the helmetcamera.com device. Doesn’t this rate up their with Viosport?

    $100 for the ATC2K at mountaingear.com is a lot cheaper than one of the other cameras plus the video recorder. $100 vs $700. It’s a nice way to see if it’s worth it without spending a lot of money.

    I find aiming the camera to be tricky, maybe I just move my head too much looking at everything else (especially while skiing down moguls).

    As you can guess, I’ve only used it for skiing so far. Eventually for mountain biking. Having good editing s/w becomes important because you don’t really want to watch 10-20 minutes of you skiing down a run. Just cut out the neat parts and add sound – that’s also why the sound quality isn’t important.

  105. lawrence Says:

    PS. On the http://www.helmetcamreview.com/ATC2K.htm I have never experienced the SD card coming loose.

    My complaint would be the jitter video only.

  106. Huey Says:

    After looking at the reviews, my question is basically still, “is this camera compatible with ME?” I see it listed as so on some sites, but no one seems to know for sure. For those who have actually used it, just what program did you operate it on? Has anyone used it in ME?

  107. aviator1992 Says:

    Just bought my new Oregon Scientific Action cam and am thoroughly happy with it! I can only recommend it to any one interested in showing of their mountain biking, skate boarding or what ever. If there is any one from New Zealand reading this, then go to http://www.noelleemings.co.nz and order one there. It costs 200 NZ dollars and it comes with a 1 GB Secure Digital memory card! As I said thoroughly pleased!


  108. cactusjackslade Says:

    I just had to file a complaint with the BBB because OS still refuses to give me a refund (or new unit for that matter) after I returned it 6 weeks ago. I do not normally slam a company, but this is past absurd. Here is my complaint (bottom of the page) if you care to read it:

    If you buy one, get it from a REAL STORE not the OS on-line store. That way you can return it if you get a bum one like I did.


  109. ap6865 Says:

    Don’t buy the ATC-2000 until Oregon Scientific can
    a) be bothered to reply to technical support
    b) they fix a problem with the camera ceasing to work once a 2GB (in my case Kingston) SD card has been put in.

    My camera (working for a whole 2 days) no longer works even after the card is removed. It Simply won’t switch on.
    Still waiting for a reply from Oregon Scientific UK re what to do next.
    I’m one of many, it seems, with this problem -see http://www.ponohouse.com/ponoblog/?p=127 for more details.

    Oh, and not a luddite. Worked as electronics engineer and now as analyst/programmer, and yes DID format the SD card as FAT before inserting the card the “correct” (i.e. pins up) way.

  110. smoocher Says:

    Hello again all, just got back from a course and here is a clip from the ATC2K. The video from the cam was converted from AVI to MPEG using xillsoft. It was then cut using windows movie maker.


    The footage was taken about 5ft away from the fire in front and about 2ft from the flames over head. It was not coverd or protected with anything just held in a gloved hand.

    The temp at head hight is around 250 – 300 degrees C. The cam held up well, no melting or blistering or any recording difficulties. The picture quality is not to bad even going from the dark container looking back out at the smoke and day light. BUT the fire was a little to bright for it to handle. The flames are infact golden yellow and orange. It shows them as white.

    I will (if anyone is intrested) post some more clips and pics of how the cam is mounted to the helmet soon. Happy filming!

  111. smoocher Says:


    Here is a clip from the ATC2K in extreme conditions. The footage was converted from AVI to MPEG using Xillsoft and then cut in Movie Maker.

    The camera is unprotected from the fire it was simply held as is in a gloved hand and held at around head height in ambient temp of aprox 250 – 300 degrees C. The cam sufferd no melting (rubber) or blistering and had no recodring problems using its fat16 formated 2gig sd card. The only thing that let it down was the fire was gloden orange and yellow not white as it shows. To bright for it.

  112. unga Says:

    AP6865 – I bought an ATC2000 and have just tried a Kingston Standard 2GB card and it worked fine. However, when formatting the card, I had to do it several times in order to ensure that FAT was used, as it kept reverting to FAT32. With respect to your problem, have you tried changing the batteries?

    On another note – I’m taking this camera snowboarding next week so will keep people posted on quality etc, but I agree with the poster above; if you’re paying £100 for a wireless helmet camera, you can’t expect to get more than what you pay for. Cheers

  113. JrK Says:

    Huey, in XP it works with the generic USB card reader driver, if ME has one then it will work, else just buy a card reader for £10!

  114. Pyro Says:


    i want to buy the cam this week and i have seen enough videos.
    maybe can somebody post some pictures ‘around’ the camera and the BACK of it.

    thank you…..

  115. Pyro Says:

    sry i mean from around or the outside….

  116. nogreymatter Says:

    Hey up people, just want to give my view on this camera. Bought it a few weeks ago, brand new, however, trouble started as soon as i tried my 2gb SD sandisk ultra II – did not like it and after reading here, shoving it a bit further in does make it recognise the card. However, decided to ensure format was fine; so changed it to the FAT16 recommended and still didn’t like it, basically after putting it back into my digital camera formatting to FAT 16 halves the capacity, had to re-format it then! Anyway, it does work with a 256mb SD card I have, yet when i tried some footage out on my bike – on the road so not really rough, it recorded for 4 minutes but when i came to download it there was no file! a couple of other files i recorded earlier were so what the hell happened then? I saw it count up to 4 minutes so I stopped it! Bit annoyed as to which card to get now as I want at least a 1gb card but how do you ensure which will work? My digital camera has the same quality footage and is actually better in lower light conditions as the lens is bigger – same for most digital cameras, the videos are generally the same resolution (640 x 480) and 30FPS. Only really wanted this as i thought it would be a bit smaller and easier to mount plus being water resistant is a bonus in wet weather….still quite dissapointed now. probably better buying a cheaper digital camera rather than this over-rated one. OS should be sorting these problems out, seems like they are ignoring everything……………..

  117. Dana Says:

    Bonkler, I had the same problem (camera won’t turn on, “Err”). Problem went away when I removed the SD card, turned it on, turned it off, and reinserted the card. It’s happened a couple of times, not often.

    Huey, there is no special software. If your version of Windows supports plug and play USB devices, you can download the files from the camera. Alternatively, you can use a generic USB card reader, which is much faster.

    Once the files (standard .avi files) are on your computer you can view or edit them with any software that supports .avi files.

  118. remsen50 Says:

    How did you get the triangular bolts out?

  119. modette Says:

    Well I had my Camera for a week, I got two ULTRA 2GB 150x SD Card’s the other day ($29.99 from Tigerdirect.com). Today was a nice day so I decided to test the unit out on my motorcycle before I leave in a week for a motorcycle trip.

    I formated the cards using the FAT file system like the inclosed paper stated. Card was inserted correctly (however I can relate to a poster saying that he did not know which way was up). This should be a little more clear.

    Well as I am riding down to my Uncles place (45mins away) the camera is rolling and seems to be working, and then it says Err. So as I am riding I am able to power cycle the unit (on and off). I then hit the film key and it starts again. In my mind I wonder if I went with too good of a card (150x 18mbps write time).

    This time the unit just goes off, I’m thinking oh great I put in dead (old) batteries so I pull over and switch the batteries. Again down the road the unit goes off, at this point I give up, I figure maybe I will reformat the cards at my uncles house to FAT32 and try that.

    So after showing the camera to my Uncle and cousin (which thought it was neat especially for $130) I reformatted one of the cards to FAT32 and stuck it into the camera. I start the camera on my way back and it records for like 19 mins then it just cuts out. I’m like what the heck. To me it seems like a power problem of the vibrations are causing a problem.

    So I get home, and I delete the videos it cought and with the card still being FAT32 I get it started and leave it on my desk, at 40 mins I decide that it has to be the card vibrating loose or the write protect/lock on the SD Card is vibrating closed. So I yank the SD card out and the Write switch is in place. Okay what is the problem I think. So I put the card back in the unit and power it on.

    I then pick the unit up and slap it on my hand. It goes off. I pull the SD card out and turn the unit on (now filming on internal memory). I again slap the unit and off it goes. I then take the batteries out and look at them (Energizer AA’s). I decide to put in my Energizer Rechargeable 2500mAh batteries. Again I power the unit on and slap it, this time it stays on, so I repeat the slap a dozen times and it stays on. The batteries feel like they have snug fit (slightly longer).

    During this whole process I notice that on the positive battery side they have a plastic “O” ring. hmmm, that might cause the battery not to always touch the terminal. So with a swiss army knife I gentle pop that black plastic ring off the unit. Now with the standard battery in the unit, it fits better and stays on when slapped. I will again test the unit on my motorcycle tomorrow. I believe the vibs were shaking the batteries loose.

    The lid does have a mark on the metal inside part to remind you wich is the positive and which is the negative side. Plus just remember the positive side in on the right (when lifting the battery door away from you).

    My unit now seems to work…good luck

  120. Huey Says:

    Thanks to all who replied above about the down load program to use in my computer. However, after seeing so many negatives about this unit, and so very little help offered from OS when I initially wrote to them, I think I’ll put off any purchase dreams of owning this particular unit. Too many glitches and too many headaches to make it worthwhile to consider at this point. When asked, I don’t offer up any positive recommendations on the product at this point, as the company and the company products just seem to have too much to overcome to make them reliable and worth dealing with.

    It is very easy to want a cheap camera that will do all the things it is supposed to, but so far, the OS unit sure seems like a piece of absolute junk when it comes to reliability or dependability. $130 may be cheap to some folks, but it is hard earned money to me, and I really think I can do a bit better in searching for something other than this particular camera. I still want a good video camera to take quality videos when I am on my motorcycle. However, I’d love to get my money’s worth in a less expensive camera. Maybe in time OS can see what their customer base is telling them and correct the problems with sales, product equipment, and service after the sale.

  121. Dyltone Says:

    Modette, Good find on the “O” ring. I didn’t have the same problem because I used the rechargeable batteries from the start.

    I temporarily mounted (using the long Velcro line) the camera to my side left fairing and went for a ride around town. First, I was worried because of the left side mounting, I wasn’t going to get a good FOV. This turned out to be MUCH better than I thought it would be. From testing the camera holding it in my hands, the audio was horrid with the back cover on, and way too loud with the cover off. I assumed I’d get no usable audio from the camera (which was ok with me) but again, I was surprised as the audio wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be, but I will say that because of my mounting position, my engine noise (as opposed to my exhaust or wind) is the most prevalent.

    Now on to the video… yeah, not so good. I have the wobble and I have it bad. I was sitting on the side of the road with the white line in view… looks like I’m charming a snake.

    Moving, the video looks better but still not as good as I hoped.

  122. dkreviews Says:

    I have 2 questions about this camera. Can one of you lucky owners answer it.

    1) Can you set camera to record in a loop (when memory is full, it will overwrite the content)

    2) Does it charge/power via USB source?

    Thank you!

  123. Dyltone Says:

    1. No
    2. No

    Sorry :D

  124. modette Says:

    Okay I did a trip on my 2001 Yamaha FZ1 and used the unit. I have no more power issues while using my Rechargeable batteries (2500mAh), I still have that luittle O-ring removed so no more shut downs.

    However like others I do have the wobble effect but only at speed (60mph or so). I did notice though if I speed the video up using “Ulead VideoStudi 10″ the wobble is not noticed. This is fien for those long trips where you just want to show people and not take the full 60mins.

    I still have to test the unit at slower sports like “Wake Boarding” so I’ll post up what I find out.

    Too bad Google really kills the quality of the uploaded video: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-7989641886556437882&hl=en

  125. modette Says:

    This unit is fine to see if you will film a lot. I’m probably going to buy a good video camera and a lens next year if I keep using this unit. Otherwise at $200 (with cards and all) no loss if I loose interest.

  126. Dyltone Says:


    I have the exact opposite wobble as you.
    Please check this video for comparison.

  127. directory guide Says:

    directory guide…

    ka-ka-sh-ka 2775164 Information source about directory guide….

  128. sv650roadracer Says:

    I have used the ATC-1000 several times now filming my motorcycle road racing with very satisfying results. The sound is mostly wind noise, but I do get some engine exhaust sound that is good until the speeds really increase – and I can’t blame the unit for wind noise when that’s what I mostly am hearing too at high speeds. The video quality, all things concidered (price, depth of field, contrast, clarity, etc.) is also quite fine. I don’t expect it to be TV quality for $100 but it’s very watchable. All I’ve done is duct tape it using the rubber mount it came with, to the tank and I get a great view of the tach, and through the wind screen at the track.

    I do not get any of the wavy look I have seen on the posts from the ATC-2k. It’s hard for me to understand how OS has lessened the video quality with this seemingly improved camera. I’m tempted to buy one just to see the 2k issues for myself.

    I have yet to figure out how to get the videos I’ve shot into imovie to edit them. Once I do, I will attempt to post them to YouTube and post a link here as well. If anyone has suggestions I’d love to hear them. Also would love to hear from someone else with a ATC-1k.

    Good luck and filming to all!

  129. gianni maffeo Says:

    gianni maffeo…

    Relevant gianni maffeo…

  130. MadScott Says:

    I’ve been fiddling with my ATC2K for a few weeks — I bought it to have a minimum-investment trial of capturing live video in various sports, avoiding the camera-plus-power-supply-plus-recorder-plus-wires-plus… and have a couple of observations:

    - The camera represents a *great* idea — an integrated camera/recorder/power source and download (even television) interface. That’s a lot of stuff in a little waterproof tube and for $100 isn’t a bad way to get started.

    - The camera quality isn’t the best. It’s obviously a modest CMOS camera and will “strobe” — form horizontal bars — badly when shooting through an airplane propeller. Similarly, it has an odd “fluid” motion to vibration that I suspect is a result of the slow sampling of the image chip (the image moves before the scan samples all the way to the bottom/top of the chip at each scan). This last problem can be remedied somewhat by careful vibration isolation in the camera mount, but I’d love to see a better chip/sampling system in this form factor. Oregon Scientific is a division of Integrated Display Technologies, a huge multinational producer of things like LCD displays, so I think they might be able to continue with the engineering effort :-)

    - Resolution is modest at best, the image focus is not super crystal clear, and the microphone is obviously inside the case — the sound is somewhat muffled, though I think that you could probably capture a few of those choice swear words as you fall while skiing.

    - The display screen that indicates operation is a bit hard to read at times, particularly under certain lighting conditions.

    - You have to be *very* careful that the memory card (if used) clicks in all the way (others have commented on the problems with those coming loose).

    With all of that said, I like it. It does what I want it to, is so painless to set up and use that it actually gets used a lot, has no tangle of wires, good battery life and didn’t break the bank.

    If you’re expecting the high-definition, wide angle, sharply focused videos that you might find on various ski video production company’s websites, you’re not going to be very happy but then you’ll be laying out $100 and not $100K for equipment. They’re on the right track — I’d love to see the 3000!

  131. Roger S Says:

    I’ve had one for a few days, just got SD cards today. Am very happy to see a better frame rate with the fast SD memory opposed to the onboard 32 meg. Took the camera apart the 2nd day and modded the microphone as mentioned earlier. So there is some basic sound available, nothing great but a little better. Would like to see a source for a replacement mic or a mod for a mic jack. Also when you see the guts.. it’s amazing. Very little but a circuit board and batteries, quite a bit of empty space in there. Makes me optimistic about what is possible in that size and upping quality. atc2k was $72

  132. MadScott Says:

    Another way to look at the problem:

    I recently purchased an Oregon Scientific ATC2K and posted my opinion of that above.

    It occurred to me that a second low cost option for helmet-type filming would be to get a good rugged digital camera that shoots video and concoct a mount for that. I currently have a Pentax Optio W10 (the current model is W30 I think) and it’s waterproof to 3 meters, shoots splendid video and has good battery life. The current used price on these on Ebay is less than US 100, so you have the same functionality at the same price and much better video. Will it look cool on your helmet? NO!! It’ll look like a dorky camera with a kludged up mount. So?

    Here’s the point — helmet cams are a specialty market with relatively low sales volumes, and therefore fewer features for the dollar — the big draw is the form factor, the cool looking module glued to the top of your head. Get past that and it might get interesting.

  133. wallhalla Says:

    Just got the camera and …
    can not install it on the PC – does anybody have a similar problem (and maybe a solution)?
    It is not he PC I tried it at 2 other ones as well. The camera actually films, works on the TV and there is the data on the SD card – just I does not work on the PC :-(

    I wrote to OS helpdesk – no answer after 4 days.


  134. ozyh Says:

    Hi all has anybody had a non focus problem its like it has auto focus but is to slow and cant catch up.



  135. James Bonetto Says:

    Hi Wallhalla,

    One of my friends said he had a similar problem. Thing is though its a plug n play memory device so it should automatically install and drivers it needs.

    You shouldn’t need to install it.

    My friend said he wrote to the atc@oregonscientific.com address and the guy there suggested that his USB drives may be hidden ie have the same name as another drive. So when he inserted his atc he heard the sound but couldn’t see the icon. He renamed the drive and saw it.

  136. tatt2ed Says:

    I just got the ACT 2000. I am having a real hard time turning it on. I will press and hold it for 2 seconds and nothing. Then sometimes after a bunch of pushing it will finally come on. Anyone else had this or do you think it is defective?

  137. Roger S Says:

    Try pushing straight down rather than in on an angle.. as the buttons are sort of on the side. Internally you are not pushing on a switch but on a lever which reaches over to a button. Try holding the camera in different ways and find the easiest way to get the buttons to react. They are a little dofficult.

  138. wallhalla Says:

    just a short update,
    I did not get an answer on my email request, but I rang them and after 10min I got somebodey on the line.
    After explaning the problem to him he just said I should go the shop an request a new one. WHich I did and week later I git a new one with the same problem :-(
    So after plugging it in it start an installation and in the end says there is problem the hardware might not function –

    James: which drive did your friend rename? as I don not see the ATC I can not rename that one and there are a couple of other drives as well
    The strange thing is thought that other PCs have the same issue with the camera ;-(

    any other ideas?

  139. chamberlain82901 Says:

    Has anyone used the ATC2K in the snow? i found 1 film on youtube but it was just putting around on a 4 wheeler. any help would help thanks….

  140. cactusjackslade Says:

    At the request of Oregon Scientific public relations I did a re-review of this product. My first review left a lot to be desired. The re-review is not much better, but if you are curious check it out.

    I do side by side video comparisons (Viosport was the other cam in this case).

    Check it out here: http://www.helmetcamreview.com/

  141. AussieTimmeh Says:

    I don’t have much in the way of snow here in Australia, sorry, but I do have a video that I made testing my recently acquired ATC2K mounting the camera to a car. Overall I am really impressed with this camera. It does have some drawbacks, but it’s so cheap and useable! It’s durable too, I’ve dropped it from a reasonable height and it didn’t seem to worry it at all, not that I recommend it of course!

    Anyhow, here is my video. YouTube seems to butcher the video a little when uploading, so the real quality of the camera footage is much better, but its a good indication anyhow for the automotive minded. This was taken on my first day of owning it, so with some practice I am sure it will only get better.


  142. James Bonetto Says:


    If I remember correctly it was something like the drive name was taken by another drive or USB device. E.g. I plug in my MP3 which takes up F drive. I also plug in my ATC-2K which also takes F drive. I hear the noise that a USB device is connected but can’t see it.

    I think you have to use right click on my comp, then manage, then disk mgt then right click then change drive letter (IF i REMEMBER IT CORRECTLY!)


    I used mine in the snow in -16c temps. Used lithium batteries and a cold weather pouch. Worked fine. I think without it the reaction is really slow or doesn’t work.

    I emailed them regarding this and got a reply within the day!!!??(wtf??that is QUICK!!)

    If I can find that email they sent me I’ll see if I can explain in more detail

  143. James Bonetto Says:

    Sorry, the last 2 lines were referring to the hidden drive thing wallhalla asked about!

  144. Mississippi Vidiot Says:

    I’ve just started using my OS ATC 2k and am pleased with it except I can’t figure out a way to determine where exactly it’s aimed.
    Since I want to take clips from several different camera angles during a ride, I can’t pre-set the camera before an outing. Any ideas on how to aim this rascal?

  145. Hopzilla Says:

    Forgive me if this has been asked and answered, I did not see it .

    How do I rid my clips of the “PIC Video” at the top of the frame and the “www.jpg.com” at the bottom. I do not really like ads on my clips. Why are they there and where did they come from?

  146. surfit Says:

    Does anybody know if i can use the Atc2k as a webcam aswell?
    I heard that it could be used as a webcam but can\t fathom how to do it.
    I use Mac.


  147. beatlebrent Says:

    I saw alot of posts about mods. The best mod site I’ve found was an article at Utah Trikes where a guy mounted a wide angle lens and talks about how easy it is to add a mic jack. It seems pretty cool. Any other sites list pics like this guy? utahtrikes.com under articles

  148. REDFLASH Says:

    QUESTION AND COMMENTS: I am using the ATC 100 and the ATCK2 with XP and Vista machines and Windows Media Player. I have no problem with the Video such as it is. But on Vista the ATC 1000 video program does not seem to work and changes the screen resoultion. Seems ok in XP system. Sound and video ok on XP system but no sound in vista. I was told that a certain website offeres a free Vista usable Codec for the ACT 100 and ATCK2 audio files. Does anyone have the WWW site to download these files. Yes the video can be better and the sounds much better. For what I paid compared the cost of other cameras it is well worth the price.I plan to fly the Camera in Mid to High powered rockets and also have a launch pad camera recording the lift off from the ground. Yes improvements are needed and Customer service needs much improvement and I told them so.

  149. Beaker Says:

    Type of SD Card?? – I am looking at purchasing a SanDisk 2Gb Extreme III SD for my ATC2K (20mb/s). Does anyone know if this will provide an improved performance over the SanDisk Ultra II (10mb/s)card, or is it just a waste of money for use in the ATC2K?? Any feedback would be welcomed.

  150. geneous Says:

    2GB SanDisk Ultra II SD cards are currently available from Costco for $25. The ATC2K is available from for $88 + S&H.

  151. Eric Says:


    Adobe premiere 6 ne reconnait pas les fichiers de la cam.
    Ou trouver le codec?

    Peut on passer à 25 images seconde en flashan le menu?


  152. velocemoto Says:

    Hi guys…
    The avi files saved to PC from the camera seem to be using the wrong compression to use with Adobe Premier…

    Is there a fix to this ???
    Can the avi. files be converted to use with premier ?

    Any help would be great…

  153. Bullok Says:

    Has anyone tryed to use the action cam with SDHC 4GB or standard SD 4GB??

    Does it works?

    thank you

  154. caman Says:

    What’s the best way to strap to the top of a cycling helmet (not the side) to minimize wobble?

  155. caman Says:

    Anyone want to sell/donate their handlebar mount if they’re not using it?

  156. 160R Says:


    Received a helmet camera from ebay.com to Spain, but the video looks very choppy, and I’m recording to 30fps :( Tried to lower the resolution and it looks a bit more smooth, but not so much…

    There is something wrong with the one I received? Or did this happens to someone else? Do I need to purchase an high speed SD card? Which one would you recommend?

    Tried my ATC-2K with 512MB Kingston, 2GB MicroSD Sandisk, and 1GB SD Sandisk SD cards. All have the same problem. Of course, formated them in FAT16 before testing. Any help is appreciated.


  157. umbrellaman77 Says:

    Glad I found out about the battery issue. Was using standards and getting about 3 min..Didn’t think lith would make that much difference but will try. So here’s the nuts and bolts off how I conquered sucky mounting issue. I am a kayaker. Friend lost his cam on a simple roll in flatwater. I secured mine better but nearly lost it on Class ! float. Went to the store and bought a 3′x1″ lashing strap,marked the two outside slots of the helmet mount that came with cam. I cut holes in my helmet to let the lashing strap pull through. Folded the rubber that came with cam over double and tucked it under camera mount as they say to.I wove the strap through vent holes in helmet as it went around. I then wrapped the velcro that ceme with cam perpendicular through vent holes and made sure it went around both sides of mount one time to prevent wobble. Also made sure loose end of first strap was tucked around itself and wrapped with second velcro strap.Then I had some doudle sided velcro, so I wrapped it tie-wrap style around second strap(The whole idea was to keep the velcro from coming undone on second strap as it isn’y much holding power on it’s own
    -they should’ve known that). So basically One strap would have to come undone to let the other one go, and so on. With the weave on the straps and a rigged up lanyard on the camera to catch it if it gets knocked off, I think I have a good settup. Camera doesn’t move around at all.I have consistent mount and can just put marks on camera for alignment and keep consistent settup. In my boat the wobble doesn’t seem to be much of an issue. Will get some shots up when batteries last long enough to get footage……

  158. umbrellaman77 Says:

    oh yeah-it cost me 2 bucks and an hour of creativity

  159. jerms Says:

    Anyone get the feeling that Oregon Scientific is about to come out with a new version? They have had their cams on sale for a while now (reducing inventory?) and I found their Denmark catalog interesting, check out the ATC3K (doesn’t appear to differ from the ATC2K), and the ATC5K…(link to PDF catalog)…

  160. 5telios Says:

    It’s a German catalogue. The 3K seems to take larger SD cards than the 2K and is waterproof to deeper. The 5K looks good. There don’t seem to be prices on any of this, though… The screen on the back of the 5K is going to be battery hungry, though.

  161. wallhalla Says:


    1.) a short reply to my text above:
    mine does not work connected to a PC via USB and I already got a repleacement, whic has the same issue. But using the SD card works fine, so I just plug the SD card into my PC.

    2.) overall the ATC 2k is pretty cool and very easy to handle – I used it for windsurfing – water and foolproof ;-)

    3.) the only thing which is not so great is the narrow angle of the cam. For a helmet camera I would prefer a much wider angle. In addition I would assume that with a wider angle the camera is much less shake sensitiv.
    Has anyone tried to play with the lense or use a extra fisheye lens like http://www.pearl.de/a-PE5820-1123.shtml to improve this here?
    Could something like this work? How would such a lens be best attached? And how does the camera stay waterproof? Or is it possible to exchange a lens in the ATC to get a wider angle?

  162. wallhalla Says:


    1.) a short reply to my text above:
    mine does not work connected to a PC via USB and I already got a repleacement, whic has the same issue. But using the SD card works fine, so I just plug the SD card into my PC.

    2.) overall the ATC 2k is pretty cool and very easy to handle – I used it for windsurfing – water and foolproof

    3.) the only thing which is not so great is the narrow angle of the cam. For a helmet camera I would prefer a much wider angle. In addition I would assume that with a wider angle the camera is much less shake sensitiv.
    Has anyone tried to play with the lense or use a extra fisheye lens to improve this here? There are some small extra lenses on the market for digital cameras which you just put on top of the camera.
    Could something like this work? How would such a lens be best attached? And how does the camera stay waterproof? I looks to me, that the top of the ATC ist just rubber, so it should be possible to cut it off to attach an extra, isn’t it?
    Or is it possible to exchange a lens in the ATC to get a wider angle?

    Thanks and regards

  163. mgb76 Says:

    I haven’t had battery problems like some have mentioned – mine is the oft commented on microphone issues. I was going to pull the thing to p[ieces to wire in an external microphone connector unless anyone had any other suggestions.

    To give you some idea, this is the vision and NOISE from attaching the camera to my car last weekend.


    I know it is noisy in my car (without a helmet) but these noises are ridiculous – a mixture of engine/exhaust noises (which are desirable), wind and vibration noise (which aren’t).

    I have mounted the little camera on the diagonal of my rollbar.

  164. bruce11 Says:

    After reading all of the posts here I recently put my cam into service. My primary use is for auto racing but I am trying to find any reason at all just to use it to test it out.
    As far as racing the cam did not seem to have a stability problem unless I ran into a fixed object. The mic seemed to be picking up anything that was necessary however my biggest concern is trying to be sure the cam is in operation while I am driving. I don’t know if it is me or if it is the cam but the buttons seem to be difficult to operate while driving at 170 mph. Is there any type of remote setup that anyone is using to ensure the cam is in operation without having to completely remove it to stare at the screen?

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