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Oregon Scientific ATC-1000 Helmet Camera

ATC-1000 Helmet Camera from Oregon ScientificFirst round here we go again. We have to start somewhere right? The ATC-1000 from Oregon Scientific is a entry-level helmet camera that is 100% solid state, totally integrated, and no wires. These are great features, but the stats that matter are frame rate, resolution, and storage. That would 15fps, 640x480, and 32mb (upgradeable to 1GB via SD). Oregon Scientific has a flashy marketing site for the ATC-1000 Helmet Camera which would lead one to believe it's designed for all things extreme. On the other side of the marketing house, the corporate site has it listed under the "Youth" category, which is really what this product is currently spec'd for. The digitalgypsy VFX blog purchased one and lays it out pretty straight - not quite ready for real extreme sports. Engadget received a tip from an Oregon Scientific rep that a future revision will be running at 30fps, which would be great but NTSC 720 x 480 would be nice as well. No word on the compression codec or overall video fidelity (aka the LCD or CMOS censor used to capture). HCC.com's recommendation = Great for kids, leave it at home on the big day. It's important to note that this is a great effort from large corporations to fill a dire need in the niche market of helmet cameras and wearable video. Keep up the good work!

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