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Epic Stealth Cam Digital Action Camera

NOTE: As of 2010 Epic has released a new HD version of their cam, it's a great helmet cam and we definitely recommend it. You can check out the product page and purchase it here. We should have a full review up shortly.

EPIC Stealth CamLet's welcome yet another player to the consumer wearable camcorder marketplace. The EPIC Action Sports Camera from StealthCam is an entry level helmet camera that directly competes with the GoPro Hero and the Oregon Scientific ATC Series. The form factor is similar to the ATC2K series, but differs in that a waterproof housing is available. There are 3 mounts included standard with the EPIC: A waterproof housing (no depth rating), Strap Mount (helmets, etc), and a Shock Resistant Saddle. The retail price is $149.99. Overall this is an inexpensive but fun helmet cam mostly targeted at very entry level videographers and YouTube'ers.

The video frame size is 640 x 480 and the still shot mode claims 5.0MP. The product manual claims 30 frames per second, but the sample videos on their site shows what appears to be a variable frame rate. The EPIC Stealth Camera uses a CMOS sensor and most likely does not perform well in low light situations. The manual states a Camera aperture of 2.8mm- which is not considered wide angle, probably comes in around 48 degree field of view. Epic Stealth Cam Specifications No mention of the video codec being used to compress and deliver the video. The audio on the sample videos is audible and quality is ok. The unit does have a internal clock that can be set with the 2 buttons, but the manual notes that when batteries are removed/changed that the clock will reset itself. The unit connects to PC's and MAC's via standard USB connections to transfer video, or the standard SD memory card the unit uses can be removed and inserted into a SD card reader. The unit takes AAA batteries, and reported runtimes are around 1 hour on a fresh set.

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