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In the Fall of 2005, Helmet Camera Central was born as a result of our helmet cam experiences from our video consulting business Two Brothers Video. Helmet Camera Central is a simple resource designed to help people find objective and pertinent information about helmet camera systems. Over the past few years we have tried to review helmet camera systems with an unbiased and objective point of view. Generally, we focus on the functional and usability aspects of helmet camera systems. We have run the gamut of helmet cam systems and know what works and what does not. The type of reviews we produce are a by-product of our day to day experiences with helmet cam systems. Ease of use, reliability, and quality are at the top of our priority list. The helmet camera systems that we chose to recommend and Sell at The Shop were chosen for a very good reason: They rock! If a review seems biased, it is only because we strongly feel that particular product is worthy of our bias! There are quite a few systems out there, and the ones we recommend generally provide the most elegant solution and the best return for your investment.

We are always here to answer your questions and help you purchase a helmet camera system that meets your needs. If one of our recommended systems is a fit for you, we hope you will find that The Shop is the best price around and a trusted storefront to supply your equipment. If our recommended systems do not fit your needs we will not hesitate to put you in contact with the right vendor to find a solution.

Mount ShastaOur video consulting business, Two Brothers Video was founded in 2000 with the acquisition of our first helmet camera system. Filming our snowboarding excursions quickly became part of the winter routine. Over the years we have refined our equipment and techniques to allow us capture the true essence of alpine sports. Our approach to filming alpine sports is ground breaking and unique.

The TBV technique is this: We wear the cameras and film riders doing what they do best. No more stationary camera shots. We film alpine riders from top to bottom by riding with them. We film it all: trees, chutes, bumps, cliffs, powder. We are there for every hoot, hollar, and crash. Traditional helmet camera footage usually shows what the wearer is seeing, but is lacking a subject for the viewer to relate to. All of the footage we capture always has a rider in shot. Throw in multiple filmers with cameras chasing a single person (or group) and you get fabulous multi-camera perspectives that will get your viewers holding onto their seats!

So how do we do this? With lots of practice. After 6 years of wires, fogged lenses, dead batteries, and lots of $$ we've decided to roll out Helmet Camera Central. We hope you enjoy our videos, learn from our experiences, and help broaden the world helmet camera videography.

Ryan LancourRyan Lancour - Eldest brother. Always leading the way and pushing the envelope. Snowboarding for 19 years and other various alpine activities since he was a child. Born and raised in Wisconsin's glacial territories he XC skied, sledded, alpine skied, and snowboarded on a variety of terrain and conditions. Six inches of snow on top of brush and weeds was the real deal. Ryan's professional background is in music production, sales, and technology too. His passions include family, playing guitar, writing music, kiteboarding, mountain biking, tennis, video production, and of course snowboarding. Ryan lives in Alameda, CA and enjoys riding the Sierras and kiting in the epic winds of the San Francisco Bay.


Chad LancourChad Lancour - Younger brother to Ryan. Always getting the inside scoop on fun stuff from Ryan, Chad was right there for the same 19 years of snow sports. Snow conditions in Wisconsin really teaches one to appreciate a true "snowpack." Chad moved to the San Francisco area in 1997, just a few years ahead of Ryan. Chad's professional background is in technology. His passions include family, skateboarding, windsurfing, mountain biking, hand percussion, video production, and of course snowboarding. Chad lives in Mount Shasta, CA and enjoys riding the Sierras and hiking around the beautiful Mount Shasta region.