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Contour Launches New Video Sharing Community!

The good folks over at Contour just announced their new video sharing community! This is in conjunction with their awesome new GPS enable wearable camcorder, the ContourGPS, available for pre-order here. See the original blog post from contour below:

Hey Gang -

The recent launch of the new ContourGPS camera came from Contour's love of providing new tools to tell your story. In turn, it has inspired us to assess our community experience, the canvas where your stories of adventure unfold. We've snooped around on the forums and listened to your feedback - the good, the bad, and the hilarious. From this wealth of information, we set forth on a journey six months ago to rebuild and improve the Contour community.

Today marks an exciting day - We're launching the beginning of the new Contour community! We've built the entire experience to make the community faster and more responsive. This is just the tip of the iceberg, more exciting features are in the works.

The following reflects what's new, what's changed, and a few new features you can expect in the coming months.

What's New -

Video & GPS Integration - We've introduced the first player that integrates video and a map of your run so you can track your location, speed and elevation.

Profiles - The new user profiles log your videos and show your community activity.

User Profile Example - Dje

Create a Story - Our new "create" experience includes a new video engine so your video uploads faster. You can track its progress while developing the context of your story.

Discover Stories - We're all about creating fun ways for new stories to be discovered! The unique video collage experience highlights a myriad of stories in different size windows. You can quickly scan over the images to see what catches your eye!

Discover Stories - Video Collage

"Storyteller" App - We've rebuilt the desktop software. Let's be frank, the old version just wasn't good enough. Software so new and improved deserves a new and final re-name. We like it and we're sticking with it! This will be available in a few weeks so look for an upgrade email coming soon.

What's Changed -

Forums - Get Satisfaction is a really cool company that now drives the Contour Forums. They have a near-genius interface to help you find threads to questions you have and to quickly connect with the Contour support team.

Messages - Yep, they're gone for now. We'll bring them back...soon.

What to Expect -

Integrated Social Experience - Oh, the places you'll go in the world wide web! Look for an improved embed experience and easier integration with several social communities so you can flaunt your swagger on your favorite on-line haunts.

Followers - We're replacing buddies with followers so you can follow your favorite video mavens and send them messages.

Community - We're bringing community back including video contests and leaderboards!

We want to hear from you! Share your ideas about the software, web features, and new camera ideas. We're committed to providing the best products we can and incorporating the features that mean the most to you.
Shoot us an email - ideas@contour.com

It's game on and we're ready to bring it!!!

Have fun and keep shooting!


Drift Innovation HD170 Action Cam Review

The Drift HD170 is the latest and greatest camera from Drift Innovation, the company who previously brought us the X170. This time around Drift Innovation's camera is packing full HD 1080p video! Other upgrades include a lithium ion battery pack as opposed to AA batteries and support for up to 32GB SDHC Cards.Read Below for a full review of this awesome new camera from Drift Innovation.
X170 action cam

Highlights of the Drift HD170

  • The HD170 delivers full 1080p HD quality video and 5MP photographs
  • Functions can be controlled by a wireless RF remote control
  • A 1.5" screen helps you to line up the perfect shot and to show off your video right away
  • Memory expansion up to 32Gb on an SDHC card
  • Wide angle lens of 127° in 1080p and170° in 720p & WVGA
  • All the mounts that you need are provided, plus it has a metal 8mm mount
  • HDTV component out cable included