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2010 Tachyon XC Helmet Camera Review

2010 Tachyon XC Product Review

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  3. Key Camera Features
  4. Camera Performance
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The 2010 Tachyon XC is an inexpensive helmet camera that is well constructed and waterproof to over 30’. It uses the same CMOS chip as its little brother the XC Micro, making the video and audio performance is pretty much the same as the Micro version. There are other similarities, so a lot of the comments in this review are the same for the XC Micro. The main difference between the XC and the XC Micro, is that the XC offers a lot more features that you will read about later on in the review. Like its little brother, the XC is built for extreme conditions, and could be used in a variety of sports where rain, snow, water, and mud are a factor. This camera is particularly popular with the paintball crowd. Tachyon offers Lens Armor to protect the camera lens from a paintball impact, and other flying objects. No other manufacturer offers this type of feature for their camera. The manual for the XC is only available on Tachyon’s website, so you can either read it on-line, or download it to your computer. The XC’s primary competitors in its price range are the GoPro Wide, the Oregon Scientific ACT3K, and the Epic Action Cam. The XC records video in AVI format, and can accept up to a 32GB SD Card. It is slightly larger than the XC Micro, and runs on (2) AA batteries. It comes with a nice selection of mounts that allow you to secure the camera to the top or side of your helmet, or to other mounts that use a ¼-20 thread (i.e. tripod). Its CMOS chip boasts low light performance, though it is configured to shoot best during a sunny day. As you will read, I think you will realize that the XC is the best in its class (along with the Micro version).

Tachyon XC 

Tachyon XC Micro