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1st Speedflying test with the GoPro HD

1st Speedflying test with the GoPro HD

This was a simple testflight using the GoPro HD cam.
I used the setting for the highest resolution 1080p not the widest angle.
At the beginning there are some pics done with the GoPro.
It was one of the first flights with my Swing Spitfire.

Cast: Martin Szilagyi

13th Beach Kite Buggy Race December 09

13th Beach Kite Buggy Race December 09 Got the new GoPro HD mounted on the buggy and towards the end of the vid, my head, at the Geelong Kite Club landboard and buggy race at 13th Beach on 13/12/09. It's been squished down to 640x480 mp4 for me to upload and the lens requires constant cleaning due to salt spray off the ocean. Fabulous day out on the beach. Managed a PB of 48.5km/hr and I was one of the slow pokes! It's a little long winded, so grab a cuppa and sit back. Cast: John Holgate

GoPro HD Night Test Shoot Slowmo

GoPro HD Night Test Shoot Slowmo

Shot this ice skating over Thanksgiving in Mammoth - testing out Apple Color & some silly effects. 60fps converted to 23.98 in Cinema tools. Need some slower falling snow for a nice slow mo effect!

Cast: Abe Kislevitz

Grand-Am GT in GoPro HD

Grand-Am GT in GoPro HD

Grand-Am Rolex Sports Car Series team PR1 Motorsports and drivers Jeff Westphal (yellow helmet) and Max Hyatt (green/blue helmet) compete in the second to last round in the championship series at Miller Motorsports Park in Salt LAke City, UT. This video was shot entirely with the new GoPro HD cameras with the only modifications being a slight color correction, audio leveling and transition edits.
Visit GoPro.com to find out more about the GoPro HD cameras. On sale for $299.99!

I want to thank everyone from PR1 Motorsports, whom I've raced with for the past two years, for allowing me to put the cameras everywhere and even on the crew for during pit stops.

Cinematography and Editing by Patrick Barrett
Produced by GoPro Cameras

Cast: Patrick Barrett

GoPro HD Hero Helmet Cam Review

GoPro, makers of the popular Hero Wide line of cameras announced some astonishing news at the Outdoor Retailer Summer Market Show this week. This Fall, they will be releasing the GoPro HD Wide, the world's first full high definition 1080p helmet camera! Yes, that's right, 1080p (1920 x 1080 resolution) on a freak'n helmet cam, how awesome is that? What's even more awesome is that the camera will retail for $299, quite possibly placing it among the world's most affordable 1080P high definition camcorder of any sort.

The overall visual appearance of the high definition GoPro HD Wide is pretty much the same - but the insides of the GoPro HD are very different and the specs tell the full story! The GoPro HD still has the killer 170 degree wide angle lens and will have three recording resolutions: 1080p (1980 x 1080), 960p (1280x960, so it's similar to 720p but at 4:3 ratio), and 720p (1280 x 720). What's even better is the camera can record 720p at double speed 60 FPS for buttery smooth high-def slow motion deliciousness. Here are the full video specs with bitrates, please note bitrates may change in final production version:

  • 1080P 1980x1080 30 fps @12 Mbps
  • 960P 1280x960, 30 fps @ 10 Mbps
  • 720P 1280x720, 30 fps @ 7.5 Mbps
  • 720P 1280x720, 60 fps @ 15 Mbps
  • Sample videos and more specs after the jump!