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Contour Releases New Wearable Camcorder ‘ContourGPS’

That's right folks, the beast has been dubbed the ContourGPS. This badboy is similar to the ContourHD 1080p but with a few upgrades and GPS! Read below for an overview of this awesome piece of equipment. Supplies will be limited, and we're one of only three retailers that will be carrying this puppy initially, so make sure to head on over to the product page and pre-order yours now!


Recording your story just took one phenomenal leap forward.

Add an entire new layer to your storytelling.  The built-in GPS receiver tracks your location multiple times per second with pinpoint accuracy so you are able to capture your location, speed, and altitude while recording in beautiful hands free HD.  Watch your run via interactive map and video player that allows you to see and control the action as it happens.  Challenge and compare stats with your friends to see who measures up.

Hands Free

The Contour HD revolutionized the way people shoot and share video by creating the first wearable HD video camera.  Its secret is the low profile design mated to the patented TRail™ system that makes it easy to slide and lock to your body, equipment, or vehicle.

The camera, at only 5.2 ounces is the smallest and lightest combination of handsfree video and GPS in the world, like it’s little brother, the Contour GPS practically disappears while wearing it.   The dual laser alignment helps you line up your shot assuring you that you don’t miss a single captivating moment no matter where it’s placed.


The Contour GPS captures beautiful 1080p video.  It utilizes a 135° wide-angle lens that delivers a true high quality image that captures all the action with minimal distortion and no fish-eye.  It records Full HD in all its glory.

We provide several different camera settings so that you can get the shot that best fits your activity. Choose between 3 resolutions, 2 frame rates, or a still photo mode so that you can get the best shot.

- Full HD 1080p (1920 x1080 @ 30 fps) to capture those awesome moments in the highest resolution available.

- Tall HD 960p (1280 x 960 @ 30fps) for those sports like surfing that are better suited to a taller image.

- Action HD 720p (1280 x 720 @ 60 fps) when frame rate is more important than resolution.  The perfect setting to capture the fastest action.  It reduces blur and rolling shutter effect.

- Contour 720p (1280 x 720 @30 fps).  When space on your card is at a premium and you need to record that last epic adventure. This setting takes it easy on your memory.

- Still Photo. When you want to freeze frame the action, the photo mode is your perfect shot. You can pick from 6 rates (1, 2, 5, 10, 30, or 60 sec) to best capture that moment.


Developed by a real rocket scientist, the built-in omni-directional microphone captures the rich sounds of the ride while keeping the wind noise to a minimum.  Using AAC Audio Compression the front facing microphone assures you that you will hear every whisper or scream.


The compact and lightweight design principle was carried throughout every detail of the Contour GPS.  The locking back door keeps the internal Micro SD card safe so that it can capture hours of HD video content.  When expanded up to 32 GB, it will record over 8 hours of HD content on one card.


We provide a simple to us Storyteller application to download the videos from your camera to your computer in just a few clicks.  Editing is as simple as an “Awesome” button to feature the best parts of your story, then you can become the ultimate producer by adding a title, description, and tags. Watch your run on the interactive map that lets you see and control the action as it happens.


You provide the story, we give you the platform to tell thousands of members just like you.  Challenge your buddies to see who can log the most altitude in one day, or see who has the best run on your favorite mountain.  When you want to share it to more than your closest buddies on Contour.com, make it easy to share to all of your favorite social media sites.

VholdR ContourHD 1080p Helmet Cam Review

Check availability for the ContourHD1080p series over at the Shop.

Hot on the heals of their ContourHD release, VholdR quickly comes to market with a premium version that supports full 1080p HD resolutions. Record life-like, full resolution, 1080p HD video on your head and share it online in seconds with VholdR's new ContourHD1080pTM, the world's first full 1080p HD wearable camcorder that allows you to shoot AND easily share high-definition video. At just $329.99, the ContourHD 1080p was designed with the needs of outdoor enthusiasts in mind. This durable camera provides amazing video clarity (choose between a plethora of high definition or high action video modes), ease of use, and a host of mounting options and accessories. VholdR continues their successful ContourHD series with the same form factor, and a increased level of video quality of prosumers and consumers alike.

Highlights of the ContourHD 1080p:

  • Full HD - 1080p (1920x1080) @ 30 fps
  • Tall HD - 960p (1280x960) @ 30 fps
  • Action HD - 720p (1280x720) @ 60 fps
  • Contour HD - 720p (1280x720) @ 30fps
  • Fast SD - WVGA (848x480) @ 60fps
  • 135-degree wide angle lens
  • 5 Megapixel Sensor
  • Internal microphone (Adjustable)
  • Quicktime H.264 MOV with AAC Audio
  • MicroSD/SDHC up to 16GB (2GB included) - Up to 8 Hours of HD video
  • Rechargable Lithium Ion Battery - Up to 3 hours per charge
  • iPod(USB) Charge Compatible
  • Adjustable Contrast, Light Metering, Exposure and Mic Sensitivity
  • Fits VholdR TRailTM mount system
  • Easy EditTM and Share software
  • Read the full review with sample video after the jump!


VholdR ContourHD Helmet Cam Review

Record HD video on your head and share it online in seconds with VholdR's new ContourHDTM, the world's first HD wearable camcorder. At just under $250, the Contour HD was designed with the needs of outdoor enthusiasts in mind. This durable camera provides amazing video clarity (choose between high definition or high action), ease of use, and a host of mounting options and accessories.

Highlights of the ContourHD:

  • HD (1280 x 720) at 30 fps SD (Actual 29.97)
  • SD (858 x 480) at 60 fps (Actual 59.960)
  • 135-degree wide angle lens
  • MicroSD/SDHC up to 16GB (2GB included)
  • Internal microphone
  • Fits VholdR TRailTM mount system
  • Easy EditTM software
  • Quick Start guide
  • Read the full review after the jump!


VholdR Introduces ContourHD: The World’s First HD Wearable Camcorder

HD Video from a Shoot and Share Camcorder Small Enough to Fit on Your Goggles

The VholdR ContourHD is a revolutionary product designed to meet the recording needs of outdoor enthusiasts and adventure seekers. The ContourHD is equipped with a host of features allowing users to capture video in high definition and from virtually any angle. For an overview of the camcorder's features and functionality, check out the VholdR press release below. For Helmet Camera Central's full review of the ContourHD, click here.

VholdR, the market leader for shoot and share wearable video cameras, is introducing ContourHDTM: The World’s first (and lightest) HD Wearable Camcorder. The ideal video camera to shoot and share your active lifestyle, ContourHD combines amazing video quality (choose between crisp High Definition or smooth High Action SD), hands-free wearability (attach ContourHD to your goggles, helmet, equipment, or vehicle), and one button simplicity (single button to shoot and share online). Light enough (4 ounces) to fit on your goggles, this compact and rugged video camera makes HD quality video affordable to capture and publish online for the estimated 75 million adventure sports enthusiasts around the world.

“ContourHD is the perfect camcorder for the weekend warrior in your life who is skiing, boarding, mountain biking, or even riding a motorcycle,” says Marc Barros, VholdR’s CEO. “ContourHD and our Easy Edit software are making HD action video easy to shoot and share online in seconds.”

Perfected for outdoor use, ContourHD can switch between crisp HD quality video captured at 30 frames per second or butter smooth SD quality video captured at 60 frames per second. Its all-in-one design means ContourHD has no wires or a separate recorder, but instead captures up to 8 hours of HD video to its own internal microSD memory card (compatible with up to a 16GB card). Armored with an aluminum body and two lasers for quick alignment, ContourHD is ready for any weather or adventure sport.

The launch of ContourHD also includes an HD upgrade to the company’s Easy Edit software (VholdR Desktop) and online adventure sports community (VholdR.com). Plug ContourHD into the computer with the included USB cable and quickly import, clip, and share your videos to the growing international community on VholdR.com. Syndicate your adventures to Facebook,Twitter or MySpace and publish your trip to friends or total strangers.

ContourHD Features

  • 2 Video Settings

High Definition: Fill your screen with vivid, widescreen (16:9) action video. With a full 1280x720 (pixels) window and 30 frames per second, your videos will be just how you remember them, big and awesome!

High Action: Ideal for making the fastest adventure sports appear as smooth as butter. Recording standard definition video at 60 frames per second (twice as many frames as TV quality video) you won’t miss any of the action.

  • Record over 8 Hours of HD Video

ContourHD can record up to 8 hours of HD quality video or 16 hours of SD quality video to an internal microSD memory card (compatible up to a 16GB memory card). Powered by a removable, rechargeable lithium-ion battery, this robust camera recharges through a USB cable connected directly to your computer.

  • Wide Angle Lens:

At 135 degrees, the new ContourHD lens strikes the perfect balance in capturing the entire scene without over-distorting the video.

  • Wearable Anywhere

Patent-pending TRailTM Mounts “slide and lock” ContourHD onto a series of different mounts for your goggle, helmet, handlebar, vehicle, or anywhere else you want to mount it. Wear HD video on more than just your head.

  • One Button Simplicity

ContourHD’s operation couldn’t be simpler with a single oversized record switch (to be operated even with a pair of gloves on) and click to share software.

  • Laser Alignment

Two lasers and a 192o rotating lens ensure you line up the shot every time. Turn on the lasers and rotate the front lens until the two laser points are horizontally aligned.

  • Armored Body

A water-resistant camera for all seasons its light (4 ounces/116 grams) anodized aluminum body withstands dust, dirt, mud, and snow.

  • Easy Edit Mac and PC Software

Easy Edit™ software (Mac and PC compatible) makes it automatic to import your videos from the camera, clip out the best parts, and share them to VholdR.com.

ContourHD will be available for pre-order from Helmet Camera Central April 27, 2009 for $279.99.

About Helmet Camera Central

Helmet Camera Central was born as a result of our helmet camera experiences from our video consulting business, Two Brothers Video. Helmet Camera Central is a resource designed to help people find objective and pertinent information about helmet camera systems. Since 2005, we have reviewed numerous helmet camera systems with an unbiased and objective point of view. Our reviews focus on the functional and usability aspects of helmet camera systems. Since we use helmet camera systems in addition to selling them, our reviews result from actual day-to-day experiences with the products. Ease of use, reliability, and quality are our top priority. Rest assured, the helmet camera systems that we recommend and sell at DiveCamCentral.com were chosen for good reason: they rock! There are many systems out there, but the ones we recommend provide exceptional quality and services for the best return on your investment. We are also here to answer your questions and help you choose a helmet camera system that meets your needs. If one of our recommended systems is a fit for you, you can find it at HelmetCameraCentral.com. And if our recommended systems do not fit your needs, we will put you in contact with the right vendor to find the best solution.

NYC Cabbies Initiate Spike in Helmet Camera Sales

New York Times arcticle on helmet camsJust kidding.... Really this is all about the New York Times giving props to helmet cameras.

If mass media outfits that did product reviews were apples, then the New York Times would be a big one. Known worldwide for its career making/breaking book and movie reviews, the New York Times has now given proper respect to the hobby of helmet cam-ing with its recent rave reviews of two our hottest selling helmet camera systems: The POV.1 and the VholdR. Their reviewer James Bogner tested the systems out on mountain bike trails in Queens and in Upper Manhattan (believe it or not). His review of the POV.1 unit, while perhaps not as in-depth as our own, never-the-less had very good things to say. Mr. Bogner praised the waterproof, shock-resistant and dustproof POV.1, saying it "inspired confidence" by being both "easiest to set up" and "painless to use". He favored its design and the included software with a "quick" boot time. He also said the POV.1 videos, stored on an SD card, were "natural and appealing".

The VholdR was also pleasing to this New Yorker's highly refined palate: Sayeth Bogner about its wireless design: "simple all-in-one ease". As to his impressions of the video that he pulled off of it: "natural and smooth". Indeed, the video clips attached to this New York Times online article did look smooth and as natural as can be expected considering the mountain biking was done inside New York City limits. Here at HCC we are very excited to see these products given the attention they deserve, especially by such prestigious publications as this one.

We recommend that you take a look at this product review/slideshow, not for the wealth of information that it contains, but for the side by side video comparisons and for the consumer confidence that a trusted source of information like this one can provide.

Click here to read the story over at the New York Times - make sure and click the "Next Page" arrow in the upper right-hand corner of the pictures to read the full 5 page article.