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GoPro HD HERO 960 Review

The GoPro HD HERO 960 is available for purchase now over at The Shop.

GoPro is well known in the industry for making an excellent point-of-view (POV) camera, and they offer the best warranty. With the introduction of their 960 model, GoPro has targeted those camera enthusiasts who want HD quality but don’t have 300 clams. GoPro has trimmed down some of the features from their high-end 1080 model, and is selling this camera at a price well below the competition. At $179, you get beautiful HD video, an excellent assortment of mounts, GoPro quality, and the ability to shoot in extreme conditions including underwater. The main competitors of the GoPro 960 are the Contour HD, Oregon Scientific ACT9K, Drift HD170, and the Epic HD.

Table of Contents for Review of the GoPro 960

Differences between the GoPro 1080 and 960

To offer an HD camera at a very competitive price, GoPro decided to tone down some of the features that certain enthusiasts may not require. First, they reduced the highest resolution setting to 1280 x 960. Unless you have a large HDTV that is over 50”, the normal viewer cannot easily tell the difference between 720, 960, or 1080. Second, they removed the BUS expansion port, which would allow you to connect a GoPro LCD monitor or alternate power source to the camera. I would mention all POV cameras started off without an LCD monitor, and though they are nice to have for playback purposes, users have gotten by without them for years. Lastly, the 960 will only shoot HD at 30 frames per second (FPS). Unless you do a lot of slow motion effects in your final movie production, video shot at 30 fps should be fine for most folks.